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Of all types of Houston homes, the single family home is the most popular.  Houston single family homes for sale are everywhere, and they are easy to buy and to sell. A single family home is located on its own plot of land, meaning it is not attached to another home.

Advantages of Houston Single Family Homes

The advantages of a Houston single family homes include:

  1. The space is yours (both the house and the land it sits on)
  2. Resale value is usually higher than with other types of homes,
  3. Provides you the most privacy and flexibility as there are no common walls between you and your neighbors,
  4. If you have enough room, and you can add on rooms to your home.

Disadvantages of Houston Single Family Homes

The disadvantages of a Houston single family homes include:

  1. The cost of maintenance and repairs is yours, you would be responsible for landscaping and upkeep cost;
  2. In most areas, the purchase price is generally more expensive than Houston condos and Houston townhomes.

However, Houston single family homes are the most affordable among the top 10 most populated metropolitan areas in the United States. Single family homes in Houston cost approximately 40% less than the average prices of 26 metropolitan locations in the US. Houston is a very attractive and affordable city to live in!

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