Hogg Palace Lofts Houston: Best Guide To Hogg Palace

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Wouldn’t it be great to be five minutes away from practically everything you need?

The Hogg Palace Lofts in Downtown Houston is a place where you are just a few minutes’ walk away from markets, parks, and office buildings or a five-minute drive away from the interstate freeways that connect you to the rest of the country.

Hogg Palace Lofts Houston was built in 1921.

Originally, the building was used for commercial purposes, housing the offices of William C. Hogg, who developed the building.

Aside from Hogg’s office, the building was also home to the Armor Auto Company.

As the Houston loft, condominium, and apartment markets increased in popularity over the next few years, Hogg decided to develop the building into a residential space.

At eight stories high, Hogg Palace Lofts isn’t the largest building on the block, but it does feature some great loft apartments. While the top floor of the building is used as an office space, the other seven floors contain 80 loft apartments. The “industrial chic” look of Hogg Palace Lofts is right at home in the building’s Art Deco exterior.

Features of apartments in Hogg Palace Lofts Houston

Inside the apartments, you’ll find some great features.

Exposed air conditioning vents, concrete walls, high ceilings, and granite counter tops are just some of the features of these exclusive living spaces.

Large bathrooms are another feature that you might like about Hogg Palace Lofts. Some of the lofts have six-foot whirlpool tubs, large balconies, and amazing city views.

The building also has a theater, parking garage, rooftop gardens, and a gymnasium named “Ima Hogg (no more).”

Located along Louisiana Street, Hogg Palace Lofts is situated at the northern tip of the heart of downtown Houston.

Walk a block down from the entrance of the building and you’ll be at a Metro Rail station.

Along the streets, you’ll find numerous street side restaurants and just five minutes away are Market Square, Sesquicentennial Park, and the Theatre District.

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