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The revival of Houston’s high rise and loft projects is in full swing.  For the last several years, Houston has undergone a dramatic transformation not seen since the Allen brother first established the city of Houston in the early 1800s.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see some of the exciting loft projects with lofts for sale in Houston today like Bayou Lofts, Capitol Lofts, Hermann Lofts, Keystone Lofts and St. Germain Lofts.

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Dozens of new Houston real estate properties and hundreds of restaurants and shops have been added to the heart of the city, offering a unique downtown Houston living in beautiful lofts and condos.  Many of the commercial and residential buildings in Houston have been preserved and marked for historical significance in the area designated as the Historic District in downtown Houston.

Some of the more noteworthy loft projects with lofts for sale in Houston include:

Energized and bustling, downtown Houston has a diverse mix of business, residential development and entertainment complexes. From a new baseball stadium to renovated theaters, the heart of Houston has it all..

Houston has a beautiful skyline and features several new office towers.  Houston city dwellers have an evolving 90-block area in the historic district, which features clubs, restaurants, shops and convenient parking. is an expert in the downtown Houston real estate market and lofts for sale in Houston.  Contact for more information or a tour of some of the most beautiful Houston lofts and condos available today.


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