Houston Neighborhoods With Best Land Value Appreciation

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These neighborhoods have created the most wealth for their owners.

Land Values Of Luxury Houston NeighborhoodsWe’re starting to see more deals emerge in the Houston real estate market.

We have completed a study of 400,000+ Houston home sales since 2000. The best investments tended to be single family homes with the following characteristics:

  • Located in quality neighborhoods that have good proximity to major job centers;
  • Large lots (the primary value is the land value);
  • Not located on a busy thoroughfare, near a highway or near a railroad;
  • A street location with some kind of premier feature (by a cul-de-sac, on a street with a tree-filled median, etc.);
  • With a home that is livable and can be rented.  Typically, new construction homes come with a higher purchase premium and “true fixer uppers” require too much investment.

Over the past few decades, investing in land in Houston has been a very good way investment and method to store wealth.

In an effort to help our buyers identify interesting investment opportunities, we’ve analyzed which neighborhoods experienced the best land value appreciation.

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Appreciation of The Land Value of Close In Houston Neighborhoods Over The Last Decade:

Appreciation of Close In Houston Neighborhoods Over The Last Decade



DISCLAIMER: Real estate is local. The following data covers median sales prices of single family, townhomes and condos. If you’re looking to buy or sell: Get a custom report for your home or request trends on the area where you’re looking to buy.


Appreciation of The Land Value of Close In Houston Neighborhoods Over The Five Years:

Appreciation of Close In Houston Neighborhoods Over The Five Years


Annual Land Values of Houston’s Luxury Neighborhoods Over The Past Decade

Land Values of Houston’s Luxury Neighborhoods


Value of a 10,000 Square Foot Lot in Houston’s Luxury Neighborhoods Over The Last Decade:

Value of a 10,000 Square Foot Lot in Houston’s Luxury Neighborhoods Over The Last Decade


Annual Land Values of Houston’s Close In Neighborhoods Over The Past Decade:

Land Values of Houston’s Close In Neighborhoods


Value of a 10,000 Square Foot Lot in Houston’s Close In Neighborhoods Over The Last Decade:

Value of a 10,000 Square Foot Lot in Houston’s Close In Neighborhoods Over The Last Decade


Houston Real Estate Land Value Statistics:

Land Value Statistics


A few notable highlights on the most recent market trends:

  • Sellers are always not publicizing their “bottom line” prices.
  • This means that they’re publicly listing one value in the HAR MLS, but “willing to discount off this price by a material amount” (usually in the range of 5-12%).
  • This “willingness to discount off list price” is usually conveyed in an agent-to-agent conversation after a showing.
  • While this is a horrible strategy for sellers (because they’re not getting the broadest distribution of a “fair price” and they usually end up getting much less than they would have if they just priced it lower) it’s worked out very well for a number of our buyers recently.
  • The best strategy for sellers if their home isn’t selling is to engage is a consistent series of reasonable price reductions on the public market vs having one off “deal” conversations with buyers.


Most commonly the following types of sellers are offering these “one off deals:”

  • Builders who built on spec and have been sitting on a vacant house for a long period of time.
  • Vacant homes
  • Forced sellers (either due to people losing their job, being relocated of having some kind of emergency come up)

For a custom home value report to see how your neighborhood is trending or for interesting investment opportunities, contact Paige Martin, ranked as the #1 Individual Agent with Keller Williams in the city of Houston.



16 Houston Neighborhoods With Best Land Value Appreciation

1. Cottage Grove

Cottage Grove Location
5-year land value appreciation: 139%
10-year land value appreciation: 129%

Cottage Grove is centrally located within the Inner Loop, near entertainment, dining, and retail hubs, as well as job centers and cultural hotspots.

Conveniently located along the Katy Freeway, the neighborhood is about 10 minutes away from the Galleria and Downtown Houston.

There are plenty of housing options in the neighborhood, ranging from vintage cottages and townhomes. Increased demand for Cottage Grove homes has sparked a surge of new development in the area.

Cottage Grove is one of Houston’s burgeoning neighborhoods. With new construction custom-built homes, townhomes in gated communities, and old single-family homes, homebuyers have a bevy of options.

See All Cottage Grove Homes For Sale


cottage grove subdivision map


Cottage Grove Real Estate Appreciation Stats

Cottage Grove 10-Year Real Estate Appreciation


2. Houston Heights

Houston Heights Location
5-year land value appreciation: 97%
10-year land value appreciation: 127%

One of the first “master-planned” communities in the city, Houston Heights is an exciting neighborhood of 3,700 homes located north of I-10 highway, south of Loop 610 and west of Highway 45.

Homes for sale in the Heights appreciated by 14% last year. Homes sold in 2004 have risen by more than half of its value in just 10 years.

Ranked #4 in CNN Money’s Top 10 Big City Neighborhoods, The Heights offers charm and a small-town feel; along with a fantastic collection of restaurants, coffee bars, antique shops, parks, and running trails.

The Hike & Bike Trail in the Heights recently opened with several new bridges. It connects the north side of Houston’s Inner loop with soon-to-be over hundred miles of city trails.

See All Houston Heights Homes For Sale


heights subdivision map


Houston Heights Real Estate Appreciation Stats

Houston Heights 10-Year Real Estate Appreciation


3. Oak Forest

Oak Forest Houston Location
5-year land value appreciation: 81%
10-year land value appreciation: 124%

Made up of more than 5,500 homes, Oak Forest is a quaint neighborhood located just outside the Loop.

Oak Forest real estate have remained popular over the years due to several factors, including the neighborhood’s location, large lots, and relatively affordable home prices.

Homes in the area enjoy convenient access to schools, stores, restaurants, entertainment centers, and parks.

Business and employment hubs in the Galleria and Downtown Houston are easily accessible from the neighborhood.

Apart from relatively easy commutes and the neighborhood’s quiet suburban feel, Oak Forest’s schools are also a great draw for homebuyers.

View All Oak Forest Homes For Sale


Oak Forest Houston Map


oak forest houston real estate stats

Oak Forest 10-Year Real Estate Appreciation


4. River Oaks Area / River Oaks Shopping Area

River Oaks Location


River Oaks Area
5-year land value appreciation: 81%
10-year land value appreciation: 121%

River Oaks Shopping Area
5-year land value appreciation: 41%
10-year land value appreciation: 72%

As Houston’s most expensive neighborhood, River Oaks also has one of the best real estate appreciation rates within Inner Loop.

The grande dame of Houston’s luxury enclaves, River Oaks is a 1,100-acre neighborhood of mansions and estates found at the heart of Inner Loop Houston.

River Oaks lot prices start at $2,200 during the 1920s. Today, the most expensive River Oaks home for sale is an 8-bedroom, 21,500-square-foot estate priced at over $17,000,000.

The entirety of River Oaks is a scenic view of towering trees that line streets coupled with intricately detailed bushes that lead to pocket gardens.

Plenty of restaurants, bars, boutiques, and art galleries in the River Oaks Shopping Center and West Ave complexes elevate the neighborhood’s quality of life.

See All River Oaks Homes For Sale


River Oaks Houston Map

River Oaks Real Estate Stats

River Oaks Area 10-Year Real Estate Appreciation


River Oaks Shopping Area Real Estate Stats

River Oaks Shopping Area 10-Year Real Estate Appreciation


5. Timbergrove / Lazybrook

Timbergrove Houston Location
5-year land value appreciation: 79%
10-year land value appreciation: 117%

Timbergrove is a quaint neighborhood that features rolling terrains, large lots and tree-lined winding streets.

The residential area lies west of the Houston Heights and along the wooded banks of White Oak Bayou.

Timbergrove homes for sale are mostly mid-century, one-story ranch style brick homes.

It is also among the approximately 60 Houston neighborhoods carrying the “Super Neighborhood” recognition.

Timbergrove is flanked by Katy Freeway, giving residents easy access to main Inner Loop hubs such as Memorial Park, Galleria, and Downtown Houston.

View All Timbergrove Homes For Sale


timbergrove houston map


timbergrove houston real estate stats

Timbergrove Houston 10-Year Real Estate Appreciation


6. Highland Village / Midlane

Oak Forest Houston Location
5-year land value appreciation: 72%
10-year land value appreciation: 108%

Highland Village is a deed-restricted residential enclave located about 6 miles west of Downtown Houston.

Located along Westheimer and a stone’s throw away from Southwest Freeway and Loop 610, Highland Village has convenient access to key Houston areas like the Galleria, Museum District, Downtown, and the Medical Center.

The neighborhood has plenty of shopping options nearby: the Highland Village Shopping Center, Central Market, Galleria, Uptown Village, and Rice Village.

From vintage single-family homes from the early 50s to new construction custom-built homes, Highland Village offers a great selection. Surrounded by some of the most expensive neighborhoods in Houston, Highland real estate are slightly more affordable than those in River Oaks and Afton Oaks.

View All Highland Village Homes For Sale



highland village houston real estate stats

Highland Village 10-Year Real Estate Appreciation


7. Garden Oaks

Garden Oaks Houston Location
5-year land value appreciation: 74%
10-year land value appreciation: 106%

Garden Oaks is a neighborhood of approximately 1400 homes located north of the North Loop (610), and bordered by Ella Blvd. to the west and Yale St. to the east.

Nestled among towering pines and grand magnolias, Garden Oaks feature cottages, bungalows, ranch, and traditional-style homes.

Garden Oaks is near enough to main districts making daily commutes a breeze, and yet far enough for the residents to enjoy a private and quiet neighborhood.

Despite being close to main commercial districts, Garden Oaks has kept its “naturesy” identity. Oak, pecan, and pine trees tower over homes in Garden Oaks. Massive lots (median lot size is 12,000 square feet) with lush yards compliment the tree-roofed neighborhood.

See All Garden Oaks Homes For Sale


Garden Oaks Houston Map


garden oaks houston real estate stats

Garden Oaks 10-Year Real Estate Appreciation


8. Montrose

Museum District Location
5-year land value appreciation: 88%
10-year land value appreciation: 91%

“Eccentric and eclectic” aptly describe the mixed-use, but largely residential neighborhood of Montrose.

A diverse and colorful community, Montrose was once in the American Planning Association’s list of top 10 great neighborhoods in America.

Located in the heart of Houston’s Inner Loop, Montrose is a diverse neighborhood known for its elegantly restored mansions, contemporary condos, craftsman bungalows, and fantastic restaurants and bars.

Montrose is just minutes from Downtown Houston and The Medical Center and offers one of the best commutes of any Houston neighborhood to these major employment hubs.

Montrose boasts over 50 restaurants and bars, including a nine restaurants that consistently make the list of “Top Restaurants in the State of Texas,” according to Texas Monthly.

View All Montrose Homes For Sale


Montrose Houston Map

Montrose Real Estate Appreciation Stats

Montrose 10-Year Real Estate Appreciation


9. West University / Southside

West University Location
5-year land value appreciation: 67%
10-year land value appreciation: 90%

West University is the 5th most expensive neighborhood in Houston. Homes for sale in the area are mostly luxurious single family homes with 3 or more bedrooms.

West University offers easy access to Downtown Houston, The Medical Center, The Galleria and the rest of main districts within Houston’s Inner Loop.

West U offers some of the best public schools in the State of Texas, a private police and fire department, and the Rice Village Shopping Center with over 300 establishments.

The entire area is also divided into 26 blocks or sections (some offering a fantastic small town vibe), making it one of the most organized neighborhoods in Houston.

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west u subdivision map

west university houston real estate stats

West University 10-Year Real Estate Appreciation


10. Memorial Villages

Memorial Villages Map5-year land value appreciation: 56%
10-year land value appreciation: 89%

The Memorial Villages is a collection of six independent villages: Hunters Creek,Piney Point, Hedwig, Bunker Hill, Spring Valley, and Hilshire.

Memorial Villages, or simply the “Villages,” is located along Katy Freeway, west of Greater Houston.

Memorial Villages residents enjoy easy access to major roads leading to Downtown and Medical Center. Another major employment center, the Energy Corridor, is a short drive away.

With deed restrictions and its own governing bodies in place, the Memorial Villages maintain a quiet and private ambiance. Each city also operates its own police and fire departments.

See All Memorial Villages Homes For Sale


Memorial Villages Real Estate Stats

Memorial Villages 10-Year Real Estate Appreciation


11. Upper Kirby

Upper Kirby Houston Location
5-year land value appreciation: 55%
10-year land value appreciation: 74%

Located a few miles southwest of Downtown Houston, Upper Kirby is a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood.

Much like its next door neighbor Montrose, Upper Kirby projects a Bohemian flavor, with its mix of restaurants, townhomes, condos, single-family homes, boutiques, and bars.

Located near and along main roads, Upper Kirby is among the most accessible neighborhoods in Houston. Homes in the area have convenient access to the Buffalo Speedway, the Southwest Freeway, Westheimer Road, and Shepherd Drive.

Upper Kirby is nestled next to the Greenway Plaza, while the River Oaks Shopping Center and the Galleria are within a short drive from the neighborhood.

See All Upper Kirby Homes For Sale


upper kirby houston map


Upper Kirby Real Estate Appreciation Stats

Upper Kirby 10-Year Real Estate Appreciation


12. Rice Military

Rice Military Location
5-year land value appreciation: 86%
10-year land value appreciation: 71%

Made up of more than 5,000 homes, Rice Military is a quaint neighborhood located just outside the Loop.

Rice Military real estate has remained popular over the years due to several factors, including the neighborhood’s location, large lots, and relatively affordable home prices.

The neighborhood is just north of Loop 610 and east of US 290. Rice Military homes have convenient access to main arteries like TC Jester Blvd, N Shepherd Dr, Katy Fwy, and North Fwy.

Rice Military is one of Houston’s older neighborhoods. It features updated and renovated ranch-style homes from the 1940s and 1950s, as well as new construction homes.

See All Rice Military Homes For Sale


Rice Military Houston Map

Rice Military Real Estate Stats

Rice Military 10-Year Real Estate Appreciation


13. Rice / Museum District

Museum District Houston Location
5-year land value appreciation: 56%
10-year land value appreciation: 65%

Houston’s Museum District is 2nd in the country (only to Manhattan, NY) with the largest number of museums in a contiguous area.

Within a 1.5 mile radius, the Museum District includes 19 museums that offers educational, artistic, and scientific resources. A dozen of the member museums have free admission each day.

The district also features Rice University, Houston Zoo, Hermann Park Golf Course, three running trails, Miller Outdoor Theatre and MetroRAIL access to The Medical Center and Downtown Houston.

There are multiple property types throughout the area, and Museum District condos and townhomes are certainly a popular choice.

Much of the newer construction is architecturally-inspired, allowing these Museum District homes to compliment the vibrant feel of the area.

See All Museum District Homes For Sale


museum district houston map


Museum District Real Estate Appreciation Stats

Museum District 10-Year Real Estate Appreciation


14. Bellaire

Bellaire Houston Location
5-year land value appreciation: 53%
10-year land value appreciation: 57%

Known locally as the “City of Homes”, Bellaire TX is a Houston neighborhood of mostly luxury 3-bedroom single-family homes priced between $400,000 to over $1,000,000.

Bordered by the cities of Houston and West University, Bellaire enjoys a central location within the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land Metropolitan area.

The name “Bellaire” originated from “good air” or “good breeze”, attributed to the neighborhoods small-town, family-friendly community.

Bellaire is also neighbors with West University, Braeswood, and Linkwood.

Texas Medical Center, Galleria, and Museum District are approximately 10 minutes away from Bellaire.

See All Bellaire Homes For Sale


bellaire houston map


Bellaire Real Estate Appreciation Stats

Bellaire 10-Year Real Estate Appreciation


15. Braeswood Place

Braeswood Place Location
5-year land value appreciation: 43%
10-year land value appreciation: 54%

Braeswood Place is an exclusive neighborhood with mostly luxury single-family homes. The neighborhood is surrounded by West University, Medical Center, Linkwood / Woodside, and Bellaire.

The neighborhood consists of 7 private subdivisions: Ayrshire, Braes Heights, Braes Oaks, Braes Manor, Braes Terrace, Emerald Forest, and Southern Oaks.

Braeswood had the 2nd highest 10-year appreciation rate within Inner Loop.

The neighborhood’s prime location, deed restrictions, and its gorgeous collection of new construction homes make it one of the most desirable communities in Houston.

See All Braeswood Place Homes For Sale


Braeswood Place Houston Map

Braeswood Place Real Estate Appreciation Stats

Braeswood Place 10-Year Real Estate Appreciation


16. EaDo / East Downtown

East Downtown Location
5-year land value appreciation: 29%
10-year land value appreciation: 48%

EaDo is one of the Houston’s top up-and-coming neighborhoods.

Located adjacent to Downtown Houston (hence the name East Downtown), this area was a graveyard of abandoned supermarkets and restaurants until about 10 years ago.

East Downtown (EaDo) is a vibrant Houston neighborhood near the major business districts of Downtown Houston, the Texas Medical Center, and the Houston Ship Channel.

EaDo is located north of Interstate 45, and between the George R. Brown Convention Center and the East End district.

EaDoHouston.com dubbed the neighborhood as the “Art & Soul of Houston.” Formerly referred to as “Houston Chinatown,” EaDo was filled with inexpensive land.

Over the past few years, this community has seen one of the largest investments in capital projects of any part of Houston.

EaDo benefits from the new BBVA Soccer stadium, MetroRail expansion, multiple new apartment and townhome complexes and an explosion of (highly rated) new restaurants and bars.

See All East Downtown Homes For Sale


rice military houston map

EaDo / East Downtown Real Estate Appreciation Stats

EaDo / East Downtown 10-Year Real Estate Appreciation

Data sources & disclaimers:

Land value was calculated by looking at the median sold price per square foot of Lots and Single family homes sold at lot value.

Data is provided by the Houston Association of Realtors, multiple listing service.

Data deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

The Average Value of a 10,000 Square Foot lot is shown for illustration purposes and was calculated by multiplying the median sale price for square foot of land value in each respective geo market area for 2006 and comparing that with the respective value for 2015.

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