Hyde Park Houston TX: Real Estate & Neighborhood Review

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Hyde Park Houston is a residential neighborhood located within the loop and is between Montrose and Midtown Houston.

One of Houston’s oldest neighborhoods, Hyde Park contains a lot of Houstonian history within its borders.

It was once owned by Mirabeau Lamar, the second president of the Texas Republic. From the 1900s, Hyde Park has faced development in real estate that continues until today.

Part of what makes the area historic is the ranch-styled and Victorian houses that still stand today. Though most of them were demolished during the 1990s and early 2000, there are still homes that retained their original architecture, which gives the neighborhood a traditional and old Houston feel.

Another area of note in Hyde Park Houston is Lamar Park, a half acre park which serves as a recreation area for the residents. Lamar Park has suffered neglect in recent years, especially during the decline of Houston in the 1970s. The local civic group in Hyde Park, however, has been doing renovation and rejuvenation projects together with the help of residents and the local city government.

And it’s not just Lamar Park, the whole of Hyde Park has also experienced a revival because of these efforts and similar projects in other Houston districts.

You can now find new constructions in the area. From new homes to apartment complexes, the neighborhood has been steadily undergoing modern development. Although Hyde Park is primarily a residential area, many commercial establishments have been built within it.

Living in Hyde Park

Should you wish to establish residence in Hyde Park, you should know that there are currently 144 home sites in the district. The average property price in the area is more than $250,000 for an average lot of 4,164 square feet.

The price is reasonable, considering that you get to have easy access to both residential and business districts. You can easily go to midtown and downtown Houston for work and leisure, while still being near to other neighborhoods such as River Oaks and Montrose.

Due to home renovations and restorations on old residences and the revitalization of other Houston districts, property values in Hyde Park have risen. So you may want to invest in real estate in Hyde Park.

If you want to have the feel of a traditional Houston neighborhood while enjoying easy access to the city and other Houston districts, then Hyde Park should be one of your choices. Find out how history and modern life mesh together in a way that can only be found in Hyde Park.

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