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Sandwiched in between the cities of Bellaire and Houston is a 1,500 population community known as Southside Place. It’s actually a city unto itself, and as of the year 2000, Southside Place was the 14th wealthiest location in Texas.

A bedroom community, Southside Place is home to Royal Dutch Shell’s Bellaire Technology Center, as well as numerous businesses and shopping centers lining Bellaire Boulevard.

When this former marshland was first developed in the 1920′s, the developer knew he had to make some amends to the land in order to attract residents to Southside Place. He first built a park and a pool — atop a manmade hill — and then went about the business of planting the then-newly imported Chinese Tallow tree all about the landscape at Southside Place.

When he finally opened for business, he had also engineered what were then modern advances (concrete curbs and sidewalks, gravel streets) into the streets at Southside Place. Residents were attracted to Southside Place both by its updated facilities and because the park that the developer had built began to serve as a central gathering places for its residents — forming a community bond that still exists today.

Today, Southside Place residents have a few more luxuries available — not the least of which is a brief commute to downtown via Highway 59 or via Main Street. Bellaire Boulevard also serves as a major artery through Southside Place.

Southside Place north of Bellaire Boulevard is zoned to West University Elementary School in West University Place. Those who live in Southside Place south of Bellaire Boulevard are zoned to Mark Twain Elementary School in the Braeswood Place neighborhood of Houston. All Southside Place middle school students are zoned to Pershing Middle School in Braeswood Place in Houston. Any student from Southside Place who is zoned to Pershing may apply to Bellaire’s Pin Oak Middle School. Children in Southside Place who are west of Stella Link and south of Bellaire Boulevard are zoned to Bellaire High School in Bellaire, while all other pupils located in Southside Place are zoned to the centralized Mirabeau B. Lamar High School.

Two early childhood centers, Gabriela Mistral Early Childhood Center, and Las Americas Early Childhood Development (both of which are in Houston’s Gulfton neighborhood), are closest to the city of Southside Place.

Did you know? Developer E.L. Crain’s unique move to plant tallow trees along the landscape of Southside Place earned it the nickname “The City of Tallows.”

Current market prices in Southside Place are from the $400s up to over $2 million.

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