Houston Home Tending: Watch Out For These Home Tending Mistakes

What is Houston Home Tending?

Home tending is a fast growing service for selling homes and real estate, with similar objectives to Home staging (as I featured in a previous article). Home staging is the art of preparing a home for the real estate market. Home staging is all over the media with shows like “Designed to Sell” highlighting the importance of getting your home market ready.

Home tending is different from home staging in that the service continues beyond an initial set-up staging. Home tending provides temporary occupant service for owners of vacant homes. Home tending companies usually provide a qualified and responsible occupant to care for a home while it is on the market. This service is usually provided for free or nominal charge to the person selling the home ‘ depending on their relationship with their real estate agent and service provider.

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What are the Benefits of Houston Home Tending?

Real estate professionals agree that a well furnished, decorated home often sells faster and at a better price than a vacant one. Based on my experience in the Houston Texas Real Estate market statistics support that staged and tended homes sell 25-50% faster than in area norms, and often for meaningfully higher prices.

In addition better showings often lead to more favorable offers and quicker sales cycles. Specific homeowner / home sale benefits can include:

  • Improved curb appeal yard, pool and ground maintenance are included.
  • Quality decor quality, staged furniture displays a “model home look.”
  • Housekeeping: housekeeping / maid service is often included on a bi-weekly basis or more frequently as called for by the home and home tender.
  • Pleasant temperature and ambiance smell: initial smell and sensory impressions are often critical. There’s only one chance to make a good first impression.
  • Easy access for Realtors: unlike renters, home tenders are contractually obligated to be cooperative with real estate agents, showings, open houses and are ready to move upon a home sale.

Benefits for Your Home

  • Homes are furnished, decorated and staged with quality furniture at no cost.
  • All utilities are paid for.
  • Yard, pool and grounds are well maintained at no cost.
  • Home tenders ensure that systems continually work throughout the home.

What Do Houston Home Tending Services Provide?

Typically, Home tenders do not pay rent (or modest rent compared to current market value) but home tenders are often contractually obligated to furnish the home, pay all utilities and maintain the home inside and outside, including lawn and pool care.

Usually, home furnishings and decor will be overseen by someone with experience in Home staging, so they can specifically establish and then provide upkeep for the integrity and beauty of your home. In addition to providing quality furnishings and keeping a property in top condition, Home tenders are required to cooperate with real estate agents who conduct showings and open houses for all seven days per week.

How do You Select Home Tenders?

It’s important to ensure that the person living in your home is reputable, clean, honest and is will provide their home tending obligations. Most cities have several home tending service business. Most often, you’ll want a referral from your real estate agent, as the home tender and real estate agent will need to work closely together to ensure your home sells quickly and for the highest price. For information on Houston home tending services, please contact me, and I’ll provide specific recommendations and free additional Houston Home Staging tips.

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