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Guide On How To Sell Your Houston Home Fast

The following are important factors to consider before you sell your Houston home:

  • PRICE — What could be more important? With all of the legal talk and fine print involved in a home sale, the part that speaks loudest in the end is the price. You’ll want to have a strong understanding of just how a house is priced in order to know how to price yours.

You will want to take into consideration the current state of the real estate market and how it applies to the area in which your home is zoned, how the price of that land has increased or decreased since you purchased your home and any and all upgrades and/or repairs made to the house.

It’s important to understand your neighborhood home sales (Realtors refer to this analysis as a CMA) and the value of your home.  National Realtors recommended getting three independent home values from real estate professionals to give you the best understanding of how to price your home.

  • FINANCING OPTIONS — Get familiar with Houston real estate financing options.  If you have a large house and expect sellers to get a “jumbo” loan (over $419,000) the process has become more difficult recently.  Are you willing to finance any part of the home?  Are you flexible on terms or conditions?

  • MARKETING OPTIONS — How comfortable are you marketing your home?  Typical listings feature vivid pictures of the inside and outside of your home.  It’s also important to allow unfettered access to the home for showings and open houses?

  • GENERAL HOUSTON REAL ESTATE INFORMATION — Become informed when it comes to the process of selling a home. It can be a complicated, laborious process, and there are an infinite number of obstacles you’ll be hurdling throughout. is packed with information that can make this process easier, along with a healthy amount of Houston real estate data to help you understand the market out there as a whole.   Look at market trends, days on market and general information to know if you’re in a seller or a buyer’s market.
  • REALTOR OR NO REALTOR? — It sounds very enticing: sell your home yourself, and save yourself the additional cost of hiring a Realtor.   Will you price your home correctly?  Can you market your house to get it in front of the right buyers?  Click here for additional information on Realtors Services and Tips For Selecting a Realtor.

If you choose to use a Realtor, you’ll want to find a Houston area Realtor you can trust. Referrals are a good clue, but also do some research into the background and professional experience of the Realtor in question. Has he or she sold a lot of homes in the past? Is he or she an expert at selling yourtype of home? Are their commission rates fair? There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a Realtor. Make sure you feel comfortable with your choice. Email to open a dialogue with us on how we can serve you best in the sale of your home.

  • PREPARATION: When preparing a home for sale, it is paramount to understand what you can and can’t change when it comes to the value of the modification versus its effect on the price of your home. Some simple things can greatly increase the value of your home, whereas some very complicated, time-consuming things might not make much of a difference at all. Contact for a free checklist of the highest value items for re-sale to help you focus on what’s going to matter the most.

  • HOME IMPROVEMENTS: Make notes of any and all improvements you make on your home. As you probably already know, good records go a long way when it comes to tax day.

  • TAKE THE TIME TO DO IT RIGHT: So you’ve decided to sell your house. Anyone can understand how you’d want to get it all taken care of as quickly as you can, but taking the time to really knock out a handful of fixer-upper projects can really go a long way. With that in mind, it’s also best to make optimal use of both your time and that of your family. Create a schedule, establish goals and set deadlines in order to keep the ball rolling on getting your home ready for potential buyers to see.

  • INSPECTION: Think about whether or not you want to do a pre-listing inspection. This can be beneficial in a number of ways. First, it brings another set of eyes into the mix. The inspectors will look at your home from an objective, third party perspective that allows you to see things you otherwise wouldn’t. That helps you to better realize an accurate price for your home, permits you to make repairs in advance and knocks down a potential barrage of roadblocks that often come along in the sale of the house. An inspection is also handy because it helps you to weed out immediate safety concerns such as termite infestations, gas leaks or structural weaknesses.

  • DE-JUNK YOUR HOME: While in the process of preparing for a move, you’re going to realize that everyone — even you — can be a pack rat. A yard sale is not just a way to rid yourself of unwanted junk, but it doesn’t hurt that it also draws attention to a house that’s soon going on the market, right?   Click here for additional Houston home staging tips.

  • HOME WARRANTY: Another common dealmaker is the inclusion of a home warranty. This is basically an agreement with a third party company that will make repairs to the home for a predetermined length of time. In some sales, a home warranty or the lack thereof can make or break a deal.   Do you want to provide a home warrant with your sale?

  • SHOWING: Curb appeal! When showing a home, the first impression is theonly impression. If a potential buyer takes a tour of your home and leaves even mildly unimpressed, the chances of them taking another look are slim to none. With that in mind, the exterior appearance of your home is paramount. Remove yard clutter, cut your lawn, sweep those porches clean and park the cars in the garage. Remember: what a buyer sees first is also what they see last. Inside — flowers on the table, a freshly vacuumed carpet and polished door handles, faucets and especially hardwood floors are just a few of the simple and effortless measures you can take to make great strides with potential buyers.

  • NEGOTIATIONS: Do you want to negotiate the price, terms and conditions of your house sale or do you want to rely on a Houston area Realtor?  You should familiarize yourself with the basics of a real estate contract and understand that the typical negotiation process involves several back-and-forth drafts before a final agreement.

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