Ranking the Best Houston Suburbs in the South and Southeast

Ranking the Best Houston Suburbs in the South and Southeast

Known for their coastal location, scenic beauty, and proximity to downtown, the suburbs in south and southeast Houston are some of the best places to live in Texas. To see which suburb is best for you and your family, see our expert ranking below.

Ranking the Best Houston Suburbs in the South and Southeast

Neighborhoods in South and Southeast Houston are known for their scenic beauty, coastal location, and accessibility to downtown, which is why many choose to live there.

If you’re one of the countless people who are considering a move to this area, then this insider guide created by Houston’s best realtor is for you.

The Best Neighborhoods in South and Southeast Houston feature homes on large-sized lots with great accessibility to downtown, the Texas Medical Center, and the Galleria.

They also boast of award-winning public schools and incredible community amenities.

We created this list of the Best South and Southeast Houston Suburbs To Live In by ranking both independent cities and suburban regions within the city of Houston using a proprietary method based on these five criteria:

  • Walkability
  • Commute Times
  • Employment
  • Public Schools
  • Amenities

Check out the 10 best South and Southeast Houston suburbs below and see where they’re located using our Houston Texas suburbs map.

If you’d like to see any specific homes in south Houston or if you want to learn about southeast Houston neighborhoods that are best for you, please contact Paige Martin at [email protected], ranked #1 Agent with Keller Williams in Texas and #5 Worldwide.

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Table of Contents

  1. The Best South Houston Neighborhoods / Best Southeast Houston Neighborhoods
  2. By the Numbers: The Best Communities in Houston in the South and Southeast
  3. Ranking the Top South and Southeast Houston Suburbs
  4. Methodology

The Best South Houston Neighborhoods / Best Southeast Houston Neighborhoods

The Best South Houston Neighborhoods / Best Southeast Houston Neighborhoods

These suburbs represent the "best of the best" that South and Southeast Houston has to offer, ranked by our expert agents from the Houston Properties Team. If you're interested in buying one of the many affordable new homes in Houston located in any of the suburbs in this list, contact us for recommendations.

The variety of amenities, low cost of living, low unemployment rate, top-ranked public schools, and availability of affordable homes make the south and southeast of Houston one of the best places in Texas to invest in real estate.

We compiled the suburbs in the south and southeast of Houston then ranked them to show the “best of the best” that this area has to offer. Check them out below.

  1. Pearland
  2. Clear Lake Area
  3. Friendswood
  4. League City
  5. Manvel
  6. La Porte
  7. Seabrook
  8. Kemah
  9. Rosharon
  10. Fresno

By the Numbers: The Best Communities in Houston in the South and Southeast

You can find here the summary of the real estate statistics for Houston's Best South and Southeast Suburbs. If you're looking to buy a house in Houston and you're interested for a more in-depth analysis of which suburb is right for you, don't hesitate to contact the best realtor in Houston and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

Suburb Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10 Yr Apprec. %
Pearland $271,900 $113 39%
Clear Lake Area $267,000 $114 35%
Friendswood $285,000 $121 10%
League City $322,990 $129 39%
Manvel $310,000 $119 55%
La Porte $200,000 $113 NA
Seabrook $289,900 $112 40%
Kemah $298,000 $130 26%
Rosharon $350,000 $125 NA
Fresno $212,000 $95 25%

Ranking the Top South and Southeast Houston Suburbs

Ranking the Top South and Southeast Houston Suburbs

If you're looking for a suburb with great amenities, award-winning schools and easy access to key employment hubs, then you will find that the suburbs in the south and southeast of Houston contain all of these and more. You can use our expert guide to browse the best places to live in Houston and see which one is the perfect fit for you and your family.

1. Pearland

Pearland Map

HP Team Ranking: A

Pearland made it to the top of this best South Houston suburbs list for good reason. Its location gives residents great access to key employment districts like downtown Houston and the Texas Medical Center, making it one of the best neighborhoods in Houston to rent in.

Also, the variety of dining, retail, hiking, and biking options within its borders gives people plenty of recreational options to choose from.

In addition to that, it also has a lot of highly-rated schools zoned to it, making it one best places to live in Texas for families.

Homes for sale in Pearland TX range from 6,000 to more than 15,000 square feet.

Pearland Walkability

Those looking to live in Pearland will be glad to know that this neighborhood is pretty walkable compared to the other southern and southeastern suburbs on this list. This is another reason why it’s ranked pretty high up on our list.

Pearland Commute Times

The commute going from Pearland to downtown Houston and the Texas Medical Center is quite pain-free — taking only 25 minutes each way. The same can be said for the commute going to the Galleria (30 minutes).

If you’re going to the Energy Corridor, however, be sure to factor in an extra 10 minutes into your travel time.

Pearland Employment

People find that Pearland TX real estate can be very attractive, and one of the reasons for that is because residents in this neighborhood have easy access to the Texas Medical Center and to major employers in downtown Houston like JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Deloitte, to name a few.

Pearland Public Schools

Silverlake Elementary, Shadycrest Elementary, Silvercrest Elementary, and Pearland Junior High are just some of the top-rated schools that the children of Pearland’s residents can attend.

Pearland schools are zoned to the Pearland, Fort Bend, Alvin, Clear Creek, Houston, and Pasadena ISDs.

Pearland Amenities

The neighborhood boasts of the Pearland Town Center, a lifestyle center that covers 1.1 million square feet of space. In addition to that, residents can also go to Shadow Creek Town Center, Silverlake Village Shopping Center, and the Shadow Creek Master Place.

Nature buffs can go to Corrigan Park, Centennial Park, and El Franco Lee Park. Golf enthusiasts, on the other hand, can try out Southwyck Golf Club, Pearland Golf Club, and Golfcrest Country Club.

Map of Pearland

Pearland Real Estate Trends

2. Clear Lake Area

Clear Lake Area Map

HP Team Ranking: A-

Clear Lake took the second spot on our list because it’s one of the best neighborhoods to invest in Houston. That, and the fact that it’s located near major employment hubs and aerospace companies and it has a highly-rated ISD.

If you’re looking for new construction homes in Houston TX, then this neighborhood is definitely worth looking into. Homes for sale in Clear Lake TX include single-family homes, luxury townhomes, and high-rise condos.

The average size of homes in Clear Lake is around 2,500 square feet.

Clear Lake Walkability

The only notable downside to Clear Lake is its dependability on cars since the neighborhood is not that walkable.

Clear Lake Commute Times

Commuting from Clear Lake to downtown Houston and to the Medical Center is a breeze, as it only takes 30 minutes to get from this suburb to those employment hubs.

Going to the Galleria (40 minutes) and the Energy Corridor (45 minutes) will take a bit longer though.

Clear Lake Employment

Those looking to work in Lockheed-Martin and Boeing will find that Clear Lake is located nearby those two major aerospace companies, making the commute going to and from work easier.

The same can be said for those who are working in companies located downtown, like Deloitte, Bank of America, Ernst & Young, etc.

Clear Lake Public Schools

The Clear Lake ISD is highly-rated, and with schools like the Clear Lake Intermediate School (a National Blue Ribbon School), Victory Lakes Intermediate School and Clear Lake High School, it’s not hard to see why.

Clear Lake Amenities

For your retail needs, Baybrook Mall, Baybrook Square Shopping Center, and Bay Area Square Shopping Center are located within Clear Lake.

For those looking to take a hike, the Texas Avenue Park, Walnut Park and Sylvan Rodriguez Park are great places to give those legs a much-needed exercise.

Prefer to go golfing instead? Then the Clear Lake Golf Course would be a great spot to sling those golf balls.

Map of Clear Lake Area

Clear Lake Area Real Estate Trends

3. Friendswood

Friendswood Map

HP Team Ranking: A-

A few years back, NerdWallet ranked Friendswood as the second-best suburb for young families in Texas, mostly because of the neighborhood’s 50 percent income growth rate.

This, coupled with the abundance of parks and green spaces, its good schools, and its great location, made Friendswood TX real estate very attractive, and allowed the community to snag the third spot on our list of the best affordable Houston suburbs in the south and southeast.

Friendswood TX homes for sale are mostly single-family homes that come in different architectural styles (traditional, Mediterranean, modern, contemporary, and ranch).

Friendswood Walkability

Friendswood is pretty walkable, which is why some people actually consider it to be the best and safest place to live in Texas.

Friendswood Commute Times

The neighborhood is located near downtown Houston (30 minutes). It’s located a bit farther away from the Medical Center (35 minutes), Galleria (40 minutes), and the Energy Corridor (45 minutes), but the commute still isn’t that much of a hassle.

Friendswood Employment

Since it’s located near downtown, those living in Friendswood can easily go to and from major employers in that area, including KPMG, United Airlines, and Wells Fargo.

Friendswood Public Schools

The Friendswood ISD took the top spot in Children at Risk’s 2014 Greater Houston School District Rankings, making it one of the highly-rated school districts in the area. With this in mind, it’s not hard to see why Friendswood is one of the best neighborhoods in Houston for families.

Notable schools within Friendswood are Bales Intermediate, Windsong Intermediate, Westwood Elementary, and Friendswood Junior High, to name a few.

Friendswood Amenities

Nature lovers will find the 1776 Memorial Park and the Frankie Carter Randolph Park to be great places for hiking and biking in Friendswood, while golfers will undoubtedly enjoy Timber Creek Golf Club.

There are also plenty of restaurants, bars and retail centers within and nearby Friendswood for everyone else’s entertainment needs.

Map of Friendswood

Friendswood Real Estate Trends

4. League City

League City Map

HP Team Ranking: A-

There are a lot of new communities in southeast Houston, and many of them are located in League City. League City is a 52-square mile independent city that is only a few miles away from Beltway 8. It’s considered one of the best cities in Texas in terms of employment because of its proximity to the NASA Johnson Space Center, Gulf of Mexico, and Galveston Bay.

It’s also considered one of the best communities in Houston for families and singles alike because of the numerous schools, parks, golf courses, stores, cafes, restaurants and other indoor and outdoor recreational areas that are scattered within and near its boundaries.

If you’re looking for both old and new construction in Southeast Houston, then you might want to consider League City. Homes in League City range from 10,000 to more than 300,000 square feet.

League City Walkability

While League City is a great place to live in, those looking to move here should secure a car first since this suburb is not very walkable.

League City Commute Times

Commuting to downtown Houston and the Texas Medical Center from League City will set you back only 30 minutes.

Add another five minutes and you’re in The Galleria; add another 10 minutes to that and you’re in the Energy Corridor.

League City Employment

The city is close to the NASA Johnson Space, Galveston Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico, so anyone looking to work in those areas will find that League City will be a perfect place to live in.

Its proximity to downtown Houston also gives residents easy access to companies such as KPMG, Wells Fargo, and United Airlines, among others.

League City Public Schools

The city is zoned to the Clear Creek ISD, Dickinson ISD, and Santa Fe ISD. It’s home to highly-rated schools such as Calder Road Elementary, Gilmore Elementary, and League City Intermediate.

League City Amenities

Golfers will love the Magnolia Creek Golf Club, South Shore Harbour Golf Club, and the Beacon Lakes Golf Club located near and within the city.

Or, if hiking and biking are your preferred activities, then Challenger 7 Memorial Park, Dr. Ned & Faye Dudley Nature Center, Walter Hall Park, and the Hometown Heroes Park would be great places to spend the day.

Then after that, head on over to the League City Towne Center or the Bay Colony Towne Center for some shopping and an amazing dinner.

Map of League City

League City Real Estate Trends

5. Manvel

Manvel Map

HP Team Ranking: B+

Manvel is a livable suburb that’s located just outside the city center. With incredible amenities, several master-planned communities, and a variety of shopping and entertainment options, Manvel is becoming an extremely popular choice for those who want to get the best of both urban and suburban living in Houston.

Homes in Manvel range from 5,000 to more than 20,000 square feet, making them spacious enough for you and your family.

Manvel Walkability

A car is a must if you’re going to live in Manvel, since it’s not very walkable and most errands can only be accomplished on wheels.

Manvel Commute Times

The great thing about Manvel is that both the Texas State Highway 288 and Highway 6 run through the community. This means that Manvel residents have an advantage when it comes to access to key Houston areas.

In fact, it’s considered as one of the best Houston suburbs for downtown commute, since it only takes 25 minutes to go from Manvel to downtown Houston.

It’s also easy to commute to other key areas like the Texas Medical Center (30 minutes), and the Galleria (30 minutes). Only the Energy Corridor (45 minutes) can be considered far from Manvel.

Manvel Employment

Those who are working or are looking to work in companies in downtown Houston such as Ernst & Young, Deloitte, or Bank of America will find that living in Manvel provides great access to this area.

Employees of companies in the Galleria such as Landry’s, 3D/International, and Air Liquide America will also find it beneficial to stay in Manvel.

Manvel Public Schools

Manvel homes are zoned to the Alvin ISD. Notable top-ranked schools in Manvel include Glenda Dawson High, Rogers/Berry Miller Jr High, and Silvercrest Elementary.

Manvel Amenities

Manvel is mostly residential, but it does have a lot of amenities near it. There’s the Pearland Town Center, Silverlake Village Shopping Center, and The Crossing at 288 (all less than 15 minutes away).

There’s also the Southwyck Golf Club, one of the Best Golf Courses in Houston, for golf enthusiasts.

Map of Manvel

Manvel Real Estate Trends

6. La Porte

La Porte Map

HP Team Ranking: B

La Porte is a scenic suburb that’s known for its amazing view of sunrises and sunsets. This is due to the fact that it’s located along Galveston Bay, and its waterfront location is something that not all of the suburbs in this list can boast of.

Homes in La Porte can go from 1,000 square feet to more than 1 acre. They range from bungalows and small-frame houses that date all the way back to the 40s, to large estates and mansions that perfectly complement its scenic location.

La Porte Walkability

Going around La Porte would require a car, so anyone moving to this suburb would find that it would be in their best interests to procure one.

La Porte Commute Times

Aside from its scenic location, La Porte also boasts of easy access to key Houston areas. Downtown is only 25 minutes away, the Medical Center is 30 minutes, the Galleria is 35 minutes, and the Energy Corridor is 45 minutes.

The ease with which residents can commute from La Porte to major Houston hubs also make it one of the best places to live in Houston for singles.

La Porte Employment

The suburb’s proximity to downtown Houston makes it easily accessible to people who are looking to work in companies in that area, such as Chevron, JP Morgan, Deloitte, Bank of America, Ernst & Young, Wells Fargo, United Airlines, and KPMG.

It’s also adjacent to three major economic hubs of the Bay Area and Greater Houston: Battleground Industrial District, Bayport Industrial District, and Barbours Cut shipping terminal.

La Porte Public Schools

Schools in La Porte are zoned to the La Porte ISD. Notable public schools in this area include Jennie Reid Elementary, Leo Rizzuto Elementary, and Lomax Elementary.

La Porte Amenities

Nature lovers will love Sylvan Beach Park, Fairmont Park, and Little Cedar Bayou Park located minutes away from La Porte.

For those who are into golf, the city is home to the 18-hole championship golf course of Bay Forest.

And when it comes to retail, dining, and shopping, residents can’t go wrong with Baybrook Mall, Baybrook Square Shopping Center, the Village Real Shopping Center, and Baybrook Gateway Shopping Center.

Map of La Porte

La Porte Real Estate Trends

7. Seabrook

Seabrook Map

HP Team Ranking: B

Seabrook is another scenic suburb that sits along Galveston Bay and is located only a few miles southeast of Houston. Incorporated in 1961, what used to be a fishing village now has three major marinas and boasts of the Lakewood Yacht Club, one of the top-ranked yacht clubs in America.

If you’re looking for homes for sale in southeast Houston, you might want to consider Seabrook (specifically El Lago in Seabrook) because of its scenic beauty, walkability, and variety of amenities and recreational activities.

Seabrook Walkability

Not only is it scenic; it is also walkable, making it one of the safest Houston suburbs around. Seabrook is considered walkable since most errands can be accomplished by foot — which is great considering that walking may probably be the best way to enjoy the scenery that is the hallmark of this neighborhood.

Seabrook Commute Times

Seabrook is an amazing place to live in, but its coastal location also means that commuting to and from major Houston areas can sometimes be a pain. Going to downtown will take 35 minutes while going to the Medical Center and the Galleria will take 40 minutes and 45 minutes, respectively.

And the Energy Corridor? A whopping 55 minutes.

Seabrook Employment

The nearest employment hub to Seabrook is downtown Houston, home to companies such as Chevron, JP Morgan, Deloitte, and Bank of America, among others.

Seabrook Public Schools

Schools in Seabrook are zoned to the Clear Creek ISD, and notable schools in the area include Robinson Elementary, Seabrook Intermediate, Clear Falls High School, and Clear Lake High School.

Seabrook Amenities

Residents of Seabrook can go to the Seabrook Plaza Shopping Center for their retail and dining needs, to Brummerhop Park, Taylor Lake Village City Park, Rex Meador Park, and Pine Gully Park for their biking and hiking needs, and to the South Shore Harbor Country Club for their golfing needs.

Map of Seabrook

Seabrook Real Estate Trends

8. Kemah

Kemah Map

HP Team Ranking: B

Located along scenic Galveston Bay, Kemah was a small fishing town that has become a major tourist destination owing to its restaurants and variety of entertainment options.

Even though its main industry is shipping, all of its tourist attractions helped it earn the designation of being the top tourism spot in the Greater Houston area in 2012. This is one of the factors why we included it in this list of the best southeast Houston neighborhoods.

Kemah Walkability

Kemah is somewhat walkable, which makes it easy to accomplish most errands on foot. This also means that both residents and tourists alike can enjoy most of the community’s scenic beauty on foot.

Kemah Commute Times

Kemah’s location along the coast means that it’s not as near to Houston’s major business hubs as all the other suburbs on this list, but it’s not that far either.

Commutes going downtown will set you back 40 minutes, while those going to the Medical Center and the Galleria will need to set aside 45 minutes. Going to the Energy Corridor, on the other hand, will take around an hour.

Kemah Employment

Residents of this neighborhood can find gainful employment in one of the many companies that have set up shop in downtown Houston, such as JP Morgan, Deloitte, Bank of America, and Ernst & Young, among others.

Kemah Public Schools

Kemah homes are zoned to the Clear Creek ISD, and notable schools that children of residents can go to include Bayside Intermediate, Clear Creek High School, and Clear Falls High School.

Kemah Amenities

Kemah is known for the Kemah Lighthouse District, a popular bayside attraction in Houston. Other attractions nearby include the Dr. Ned & Faye Dudley Nature Center and the Seabrook Wildlife Park.

For golf enthusiasts, the Bayou Golf Course, Beacon Lakes Golf Course, and Alvin Golf & Country Club would be worth visiting.

And lastly, for dining, retail, and entertainment options, Kemah offers the Toucan Alley, Walmart Supercenter, Target, and Marshalls.

Map of Kemah

Kemah Real Estate Trends

9. Rosharon

Rosharon Map

HP Team Ranking: B

Located at the intersection of Farm to Market Road 521 and 1462, Rosharon is known for its small-town feel and master-planned communities that can rival those of Pearland and Sugar Land.

Its small-town vibes mean that it’s a great place to live in if you want to get away from the noise of the city, but its convenient location still makes it easy to get to Houston’s major districts such as downtown Houston, the Texas Medical Center, and Sugar Land Business Park. This is one of the major reasons why Rosharon (specifically Meridiana in Rosharon) found itself a spot in this list of the best south Houston neighborhoods.

Rosharon homes range from 6,000 square feet to more than 210,000 square feet. This community features a variety of home options including patio homes and grand country homes done in traditional, Mediterranean, English and ranch architectural styles.

Rosharon also offers mobile homes, in case you’re out in the market for mobile homes for sale in south Houston TX instead.

Rosharon Walkability

Rosharon is not walkable, as almost all, if not all, errands would need a car so you can accomplish them.

Rosharon Commute Times

Going from Rosharon to the Texas Medical Center will take 30 minutes, while going to downtown Houston and the Galleria will both take 40 minutes.

The Energy Corridor is the farthest among all four employment hubs, with the commute taking 45 minutes.

Rosharon Employment

Those looking to live in Rosharon will find that they can find employment in downtown Houston, the Galleria, and the Texas Medical Center because of these hubs’ proximity to the neighborhood.

Companies such as Air Liquide America and AON Risk Services of Texas in the Galleria or Wells Fargo, United Airlines and KPMG in downtown Houston can be viable options.

Rosharon Public Schools

Notable Top Greater Houston Schools that can be found in the Angleton, Fort Bend and Alvin ISDs (where Rosharon is zoned to) include Sienna Crossing Elementary, Frontier Elementary, and Ridge Point High School.

Rosharon Amenities

Rosharon is mostly residential but it has a variety of retail, dining and entertainment options that residents can choose from, including Pearland Town Center, Brazos Mall, and Stanton Shopping Center.

It also boasts of being located just beside Brazos Bend State Park, a 5,000-acre park. It’s also located just nearby Bend Golf Course At Brazoria.

Map of Rosharon

Rosharon Real Estate Trends

10. Fresno

Fresno Map

HP Team Ranking: B

Fresno is an unincorporated eastern Fort Bend Country and is known to locals for its rural feel. It’s bordered by Houston to the north, Pearland to the east, Missouri City to the west, and Arcola to the south.

Fresno Walkability

Fresno is very car-dependent, so anyone looking to live in Fresno is advised to secure a car prior to moving to this neighborhood.

Fresno Commute Times

One of Fresno’s selling points is the ease with which residents can commute to major Houston business centers, helped in large part by the presence of the Fort Bend Tollway.

From Fresno, going to downtown and the Medical Center will only take 25 minutes, while going to the Galleria and the Energy Corridor will take 30 minutes and 35 minutes, respectively.

Fresno Employment

Major employers near Fresno include the Texas Medical Center and companies like Wells Fargo, United Airlines, and KPMG located in downtown Houston.

Fresno Public Schools

Homes in Fresno are zoned to the Fort Bend ISD, and notable public schools in this district include Baines Middle School and Ridge Point High School.

Fresno Amenities

Residents of Fresno can go to Pearland Town Center or Silverlake Shopping Center for their retail and dining needs, and to the Brays Bayou Greenway Trail, Buffalo Bayo Trail, and Library Loop Trail for their hiking and biking needs.

For their golfing needs, the Pearland Golf Club at Countryplace, Quail Valley Golf Course, and Sharpstown Park Golf Course are all just a few minutes away from Fresno.

Map of Fresno

Fresno Real Estate Trends



South and southeast Houston is probably the best place to buy a home in Texas, but there's so much information about this area out there so it's easy to get confused and make a mistake when it comes to making a decision on which suburb to buy a property in. Thankfully, you can easily reach out to the best realtor in Houston so you can avoid making mistakes when shopping for the best suburb for you and your family.

We created this list of the best suburbs in the south and southeast of Houston by looking at population centers above 10,000, both independent cities and suburban regions, that are located within the south and southeast of Houston. Then we evaluated each location and gave it a letter grade (the HP Team Ranking) based on the following quantitative criteria:

Commute Times (Google Maps)
Accessibility to Major Employment and Business Hubs
Quality of Public Schools (GreatSchools.org rates schools depending on standardized test scores. We included schools within 5 miles of each city/neighborhood with “above average” 8 to 10 star ratings. Find out more about GreatSchools’ methodology.1)
Variety of Amenities

Each of these best south and southeast Houston suburbs were graded on these items. The list was then ranked from top to bottom based on their combined score. We included the 10 with the best scores in our Top South and Southeast Houston Suburbs List.

Median home sale prices are based on single-family home sales from this year.

Median land value prices are based on both homes sold at lot value and lot sales.

5-year appreciation rates compare 2015 to 2019 and are based on median sales price per square foot.

10-year appreciation rates compare 2010 to 2019 and are based on median sales price per square foot.

Data is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. All source material from HAR MLS sold information.

Additional Sources:


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