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“We had a great experience buying a home in the greater Houston area with Brad! We were first time home buyers who were completely ignorant of what’s involved in buying a home, and we were buying from out of state, so we had to put offers on houses we didn’t see in person. Brad made this very easy for us, and he went to many open houses, taking detailed videos of the different homes. We had initially planned on waiting to buy a home until after moving to Houston, but Brad made us feel confident in buying a home remotely. It was important for us to have as stress-free an experience as possible buying a home, and Brad was so good at what he does that it really was almost entirely stress-free for us. He’s a native Houstonian, and he was able to answer our worries and concerns about different houses we were interested in and gave us all the information we needed to make an informed decision. When we were putting in offers, Brad was able to help us move very quickly in a high-paced market, getting offers in within 24-48 hours of first finding a house. He would do comparisons of comparable homes to give us an idea of whether a property was priced right and what a reasonable offer would be. Once our offer was accepted, Brad made it very easy for us when we came to town to see the property in person, arranging all of the details with the sellers for our visit. Throughout our time working with him, Brad has been great at patiently answering our often long and detailed questions about even relatively minor details, and he’s great at being proactive, calling us frequently to check in and see if we had any questions or to let us know what the next step would be. Even after closing on the home, he’s been staying in touch with us. We’re so happy to own our own home, and we’re so delighted with the house! Overall, it’s been a really pleasant experience buying a home with Brad’s help, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home in the greater Houston area!” - Ben Koons (Google Review)

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Houston's Best Neighborhoods
54,498 Sq Ft
5200 Navigation Boulevard
5,500 Sq Ft
6735 Canal Street
6,048 Sq Ft
4428 Canal Street
7,650 Sq Ft
6949 Harrisburg Boulevard
4,186 Sq Ft
2206 Telephone Road
7,500 Sq Ft
2200 Telephone Road
21,000 Sq Ft
7920 Harrisburg Boulevard
11,120 Sq Ft
0 N. 71st Street
29,838 Sq Ft
5401 Harrisburg Boulevard
38,616 Sq Ft
3600 Harrisburg Boulevard
5,000 Sq Ft
908 N. Cesar Chavez Boulevard
16,145 Sq Ft
00 Sylvan Road
11,460 Sq Ft
115 Greenwood Street
13,286 Sq Ft
2702 Fox Street
5,000 Sq Ft
703 N. Milby Street
21,751 Sq Ft
610 Hughes Street
29,785 Sq Ft
7003 Woodridge Drive
9,591 Sq Ft
7014 Avenue C
3,861 Sq Ft
219 Super Street
11,000 Sq Ft
3798 Burch St Street
5,000 Sq Ft
5731 Kemp Street
8,650 Sq Ft
8802 Woodruff Street
8,350 Sq Ft
0 Leeland Street
5,000 Sq Ft
5221 Mccormick Street
5,000 Sq Ft
1312 Nagle Street
15,000 Sq Ft
5021,5105 Canal Street
5,000 Sq Ft
7101 Navigation Boulevard
6,572 Sq Ft
6410 Harrisburg Boulevard
10,000 Sq Ft
316 York Street
6,700 Sq Ft
3902 Mckinney Street

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