How To Sell Your Heights Home Fast For The Most Money

How To Sell Your Heights Home Fast For The Most Money

Expert home seller guide from the number one Realtor™ in Houston Heights.

How To Sell Your Heights Home Fast For The Most Money


  • Houston Properties Team listings sell for 7.2% more and for 43.7% faster than average.

  • We achieve these numbers because we know what it takes to sell your Houston Heights home fast and for more money.

  • We’ve gained experience as the #1 boutique real estate team and have gathered data from our database of 30,000 buyers.

  • We created over 150 pages of guides containing best practices, expert tips, market insights, and recent data on what buyers are looking for.

  • Alternatively, you can simply contact the Houston Properties Team and list your home with us today.

Houston Heights Home Seller Resources

"From beginning to end, it was a joy to work with the Houston Properties Team on the sale of our Heights house. In preparing the house for sale, they helped us a ton with paint colors, flooring selections, and had many great ideas about staging our own belongings to keep those costs down. Houston Properties was so effective in marketing our home on all the main real estate websites in addition to getting the word out to realtors when we were in the “coming soon” stage. We felt that they had our best interest at heart and that we could trust them completely. We appreciated the Houston Properties system of providing feedback from realtors and potential buyers. The one Open House was a charm as we sold our house at full price a few days later." Fernando & Patricia

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Table of Contents

  1. Sell Your Heights Home: Get A Free Valuation Report Now!
  2. Let The Heights Neighborhood Experts Guide You
  3. Houston Heights Area Data And Historic Sales Trends
  4. Greater Heights Area Real Estate Trends & Appreciation
  5. Avoid These Top 9 Heights Home Selling Mistakes
  6. Sell Your Heights Home Fast: Top 10 Home Staging Ideas
  7. Increase Home Value: Listing Checklist For Houston Heights Sellers
  8. Sell Your Heights Property With These 20 Home Renovations
  9. Heights Home Preventive Maintenance Tips
  10. The 10 Best Heights Home Interior Maintenance Tips
  11. Meet the Best Heights Realtors: Paige Martin & The Houston Properties Team

Sell Your Heights Home: Get A Free Valuation Report Now!

Sell Your Heights Home: Get A Free Valuation Report Now!

"I originally discovered the Houston Properties Team at They have the best online marketing in the Heights. Our photos were spectacular. Our virtual tours were amazing. The community marketing worked. We sold within the first week. Great job!”
– Sarah Harris

Planning to sell your Heights home but not sure where to start??

Every home seller has one important goal in selling their property: To get the best deal in the fastest way possible.

To get started – it is crucial to know your property’s worth.

Many factors can influence the value of your Heights home, including location such as: thoroughfares, floor plans, amenities, diversity of builders, plus the rule of supply and demand.

The ongoing gentrification of the Heights also plays a role in determining the value of your property. Add in its historic value and deed restrictions in some cases.

With this number of factors to consider, you would want the best team to handle your home valuation.

Houston Properties’ home valuation reports will show you 10-year sales trends, current sales trends, and what’s selling in the Heights now, based on our analysis of 13,110 Heights home sales and 10-channel marketing program.

With the Heights’ maximum accessibility, 450-yelp rated nearby establishments, award-winning schools, as well as accessible parks and outdoor hubs, it’s hard for buyers not to dream of getting a home in this booming Houston neighborhood.

All you need is the expertise of Houston Properties to get started in getting top dollar for your home – fast.

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Let The Heights Neighborhood Experts Guide You

Let The Heights Neighborhood Experts Guide You

"We absolutely loved our experience working with Paige, Brenda, Courtney & Holly. They were SPECTACULAR! They managed the entire process and made everything so easy for us. The staging, photography, and virtual tours were amazing – I hardly recognized our house! They know the Heights intimately and were able to sell the lifestyle, the community and the commute. We couldn’t have been happier and would highly recommend them to anyone!” – Will & Rebecca Green

When entrusting your home to a Realtor, it is important to deal with only the best in the industry.

Houston Properties has been selling homes in Houston, including the Heights for over a decade.

We have gathered a lot of data from the neighborhoods we have handled and compiled them for the convenience of every buyer or seller like you.

Our Houston Heights Neighborhood Guide shows everything a buyer needs to know about the area their home is located in.

This gives insight such as the history of The Heights, the atmosphere of the neighborhood, and the amenities for the residents. We also include the list of excellent schools nearby, accessible recreational parks, as well as retail and dining hotspots, most notably at the Historic Houston Heights Shopping District.

On top of that, we have calculated the latest real estate trends of different property types in the area to guide both buyers and sellers.

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Houston Heights Area Data And Historic Sales Trends

Houston Heights Area Data And Historic Sales Trends

“Paige Martin and her team are simply the best. She has worked with my husband and I for the last couple years in our quest to find the perfect first home. She was patient with us throughout the process and took time to answer all of our questions! She knows so much about the housing market so we felt very confident that we were in great hands!” – Dr. Jen Shroff

Neighborhood Median Home Price 5-Yr Apprec. % 10-Yr Apprec. %
Houston Heights $559,000 17% 68%

A popular historic district, The Heights is one of the best areas in Houston to buy a house mainly because of its accessibility and real estate appreciation.

Houston Heights is ranked amongst the Most “Walkable” Houston Neighborhoods. The Heights has over 450 Yelp-rated establishments, many just a few blocks from residential communities.

The Heights is also one of the top communities in the state for “Fun Family Activities” with outdoor hotspots like Heights Hike and Bike Trail and White Oak Bayou Trail.

The Heights offers excellent commute to downtown Houston Inner Loop neighborhoods, Medical Center, Galleria, and major Houston highways. The Heights real estate market has been one of the best performing neighborhoods over the past one, five and ten-year periods.

Harvard Elementary (with a school zoning map covering parts of the Heights) is ranked as high as elementary schools in premier neighborhoods like Memorial, Tanglewood, Bellaire and West University.

The Houston Heights Association (HHA) is one of the most active communities in Houston. They maintain historic sites, enforce deed restrictions, run the constable program, and plan fabulous activities like the Lights in the Heights tours.

Map of Houston Heights

Houston Heights Real Estate Trends

Greater Heights Area Real Estate Trends & Appreciation

Greater Heights Area Real Estate Trends & Appreciation

"The Houston Properties Team are data hounds. Their knowledge of the sale trends and appreciation rates in the Greater Heights area is top-notch. Paige Martin and her team are the best listing agents in our area." – G. Wellington

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
1. Camp Logan $1,089,450 $305 48%
2. Cottage Grove $427,000 $188 46%
3. Garden Oaks $625,000 $293 98%
4. Houston Heights $559,000 $263 68%
5. Independence Heights $314,990 $182 112%
6. Timbergrove / Lazybrook $545,000 $253 88%
7. Northside $235,000 $160 40%
8. Oak Forest $415,000 $239 82%
9. Rice Military $487,500 $205 27%
11. Shady Acres $436,750 $205 48%
12. Spring Branch $375,000 $187 76%
13. Sunset Heights $617,000 $264 75%
14. Woodland Heights $797,000 $400 101%

A collection of some of Houston’s most popular neighborhoods, Greater Heights enjoys close proximity to Downtown Houston and Galleria. It also offers easy access to major freeways, keeping residents near the main entertainment and employment centers.

Headlined by its most well-known neighborhood, Houston Heights, Greater Heights has gone through major redevelopment over the last two decades. Today, it features fantastic subdivisions with a small-town vibe, tree-lined streets, and well-kept yards, as well as a diverse collection of beautiful single-family homes, bungalows, and townhomes.

A Super Neighborhood located in north-central Houston, Greater Heights has experienced some of the best real estate appreciation in the Bayou City.

greater heights

walking trail

running trails in heights area

Avoid These Top 9 Heights Home Selling Mistakes

Avoid These Top 9 Heights Home Selling Mistakes

"Our experience working with the Houston Properties Team is exceptional. From day one, we felt as though we had a personal team handling the sale of our home. They consistently provided us with reports and advice on how to proceed. All their efforts not only lead to a successful and lucrative close, but also eliminated a great deal of the anxiety and pressure.” – Arpita Niranjan

“My home didn’t sell. Now what?”

The Houston Properties Team prides itself on an exceptional listing platform carefully built through over a decade. With our vast amount of research, years of experience, and intensive preparation methods (our to-do checklist for listings has 9 phases and 457 rows), we’ve mastered the art of selling your Houston Heights home at its highest price in the least amount of time.

Our strategies lead to a single, long-standing philosophy: We avoid making mistakes.

So if you find yourself asking the question in the first line, the ideal step is to identify the costly mistakes to avoid when selling your Houston home again.

This article analyzed 815,494 listings (including those that didn’t sell) and outlined the top 9 Houston home selling mistakes, from low-quality photos to listing errors, and more.

With this seller guide, you can find out what NOT to do the next time you sell your Heights home. You can also simply contact the Houston Properties Team for a smooth, error-free home selling process with some of Houston’s top Realtors.


Sell Your Heights Home Fast: Top 10 Home Staging Ideas

Sell Your Heights Home Fast: Top 10 Home Staging Ideas

"The Houston Properties Team is fantastic!!! I use to live in a townhome community. My neighbor’s home came on the market two weeks before we listed. My home sold and theirs is still sitting on the market (now a month after our closing!) Their marketing program works. I’d highly recommend them to anyone who wants to sell their home.”
– Brian Donaldson
Shell International Exploration & Production

One of the most critical components that will help sell your home faster for more money is simple.

You need exceptional listing photos.

  • Taking the value of good listing photos for granted or neglecting to produce high-quality photos of your Heights home is one of the most costly mistakes home sellers can make when putting their home on the market.

  • In fact, 93% of buyers consider photos as the most useful information they turn to when searching for a home. Consequently, homes that have high-quality listing photos end up selling 32% faster.

Staging a home properly is one (often overlooked) component to taking great photos.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 40% of buyers’ agents claim that home staging materially impacted whether their buyers wanted to visit a home.

As part of the Heights Home Sellers Guide Series, we provide the 10 best home staging ideas (along with photos) you can do to make your Heights home look fabulous in listing photos.


Increase Home Value: Listing Checklist For Houston Heights Sellers

Increase Home Value: Listing Checklist For Houston Heights Sellers

"This was my first home sale and I was very fortunate to have had Yolanda, Jerico & the entire Houston Properties Team on my side. They understood that I wasn't fully familiar with the in’s and out's of the process and made sure to explain everything to me. I was kept informed at all times, and because I lived in a city other than where the property was located, they took care of everything. They made sure the house was show-ready, coordinated with my tenant, picked up paperwork from Homeowners Association, and sent all documents to me via email and utilized electronic signatures everywhere possible. I highly recommend the Houston Properties Team!” – Catherine Ortbalt

Getting your Houston Heights home to look impressive in the listing photos requires different levels of home improvement and renovation, depending on the state of your property.

However, there is one basic home selling tip that you can do with next to no cost that almost every lived-in home needs:


  • Why is decluttering your Heights home before listing and showing so important?

    • Having a clutter-free, clean, and spacious home makes it easier for the buyer to imagine themselves living in it. The sooner they can visualize their lives in your property, the less time it’ll spend on the market.

    • Simply put, decluttering can increase the value of your home by about 3-5%. A home full of clutter and disorder makes it appear unappealing and less impactful, giving the buyer more leverage to negotiate for a lower price.

While decluttering seems like a daunting task, it’s a home improvement tip that can pay off immensely.

To make the job less overwhelming, we put together a handy step-by-step decluttering checklist that will guide you through each area of your home. From preparation to finishing touches, you can print out our checklist and get closer to solving the problem of how to get your house ready to sell.


Sell Your Heights Property With These 20 Home Renovations

Sell Your Heights Property With These 20 Home Renovations

"The Houston Properties Team provided excellent resources and guidance. Their staging, photography and marketing were second to none. We joked that the pictures online could not have come from our house!!! They brought a lot of buyers through, and we were fortunate enough to have multiple offers to choose from. They helped us pick a great offer and negotiated very strongly on our behalf. In addition, they got us a free lease back, so we had time to find our new home after closing. We highly recommend them for real estate needs.”
-Jeff, Cinda &Billy Long

The Houston Properties Team knows how to sell your home fast and for top dollar.

Raising the value of your Heights home requires home renovations and home improvement projects to compete with the “fresh and brand new” vibe of newly-constructed properties.

However, a lot of factors influence the type of renovations to be done: location, property type, budget, and more. There is also the idea of cost vs. value to consider when making your decisions based on how much you can recoup from your home improvement investments.

With 15 years of experience and over a thousand homes sold, this article shares expert advice on which renovations are right for you, depending on your location, property type, and timing. We have covered the top 20 home improvement projects and renovations that can help you sell your Houston home very fast.

  • Our list is categorized into the following budget ranges:

    • Free

    • Under $500

    • Under $5000

    • Above $5000

  • Plus 2 BONUS Sections:

    • A home renovation checklist for homes recovering from flooding

    • Your own printable home improvement checklist to keep you on track


Heights Home Preventive Maintenance Tips

Heights Home Preventive Maintenance Tips

"We recently closed on the sale our home with the Houston Properties Team representing us. They provided excellent resources and guidance to prepare our property for listing and to ensure the highest return. The Team kept us regularly informed throughout the process and always represented our best interests.”
– Eric Gronkberg

With our extensive marketing program, great listing photos, and years of experience – we have sold homes in Houston Heights faster and for a higher value.

Another one of our “trade secrets”?

Thorough research and preparedness.

We “front end load the work” (make the most intensive preparations) before we start your home selling process, so we can negotiate on your behalf in the best way possible.

This means taking care of the “little things” that can grow into bigger headaches if not properly dealt with.

Performing preventive maintenance on your Heights home can help you get a clean inspection report which results in smoother negotiations during the option period. It also gives your buyers a better impression of your home during showings and open houses.

In this article, we gathered data from expert Realtors and inspectors to create a comprehensive preventive maintenance guide so you can do the “little things” too.

The list is grouped according to how often you should do these maintenance tasks (monthly, quarterly, biannually, and annually), but if you don’t have time to read through the whole guide, check out the top section that lists the top 6 preventive maintenance you should take care of right away.


The 10 Best Heights Home Interior Maintenance Tips

The 10 Best Heights Home Interior Maintenance Tips

“Paige demonstrated all qualities you want in a Realtor – knowledgeable, attentive, responsive, patient. She put us into our first dream home, and due to that experience, we’ve returned to her time and again for our other real estate needs. While she focuses on completing your deal, her endgame is to ensure her clients’ needs are preserved and satisfied.” – Peter McGillivray & Jillian Jopling

Getting the best deal for your Houston Heights home at the least amount of time is all about taking good listing photos and increasing its home value.

One home seller tip that can help you do both is performing consistent and habitual home maintenance.

Why is this so important?

  • Home maintenance increases the value of a house by about 1% each year.

  • It also saves you money. Specifically, for every dollar you spend on maintaining your home, you save about $100 on future repairs.

  • Buyers seeing a home where everything runs perfectly tells them that it’s well-taken care of. If they see the opposite, even the most minor problems can lead them to think that there are bigger headaches looming if they decide to make an offer.

Most home sellers spend more time working on exterior home maintenance to make a lasting first impression through curb appeal. However, indoor maintenance is more than just a little vacuuming around your home.

This seller guide tackles the top 10 things you can easily do while stuck at home and looking to be productive. These home maintenance tips can raise home value, save you time and money, and help you sell your home fast for top dollar.


Meet the Best Heights Realtors: Paige Martin & The Houston Properties Team

Meet the Best Heights Realtors: Paige Martin & The Houston Properties Team

"Every single member of the Houston Properties Team was a delight to work with. They are always available, attentive, and active in the pursuit of the right buyer. Their advice was spot-on and helped us sell our home in just 5 days. Best of all, when it really mattered, they bent over backwards to ensure an easy closing. We cannot thank them enough. If you want a smart team with a solid understanding of the market on your side, I recommend you hire the Houston Properties Team – they won't let you down.”
– Linda Chang

Selling a home is one of the most important life decisions you can make. Your Houston Heights home is a great investment that you want taken care of. When you sell it, you will want the best deal possible in the least amount of time.

To achieve that, you need to work with the best.

The Houston Properties team–with over $750 million in sales and 15 years of experience under our belt–has proven over time that we know exactly how to get top dollar for your home fast.

Our unfair advantage? We care more.

As the #1 boutique real estate team in Houston with a pool of top-rated Realtors, we can guarantee you the following:

  • Candid advice

  • Expertise

  • Complete data

  • Network of experts

In this article, get to know Paige Martin, the top Realtor in Houston, and the rest of our Realtor pool. Know the benefits of working with a team and why the Houston Properties Team has the best listing agent you can hire to sell your house fast.


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Paige Martin

Our Recent Awards

Why We’re Different

  • #1 Keller Williams Realtor in Houston
  • #1 Keller Williams Realtor in Texas
  • #6 Keller Williams Realtor in the U.S.
  • "One of Houston's Top 25 Realtors," Houston
    Business Journal
  • "One of America's Best Realtors," / WSJ
  • Over $1 Billion in Houston residential home sales
  • We know this market, and this property.
  • We're candid.
  • We'll tell you the "bad' and the "ugly" about any property we show you.
  • Most often, we talk our clients into NOT BUYING.
- Gretchen & Brad Richter- Gretchen & Brad Richter
“We relocated to Texas from out of state 3 years ago, and Paige’s intimate knowledge of Houston neighborhoods, valuations, trends, and pitfalls was simply unmatched. We would never have been able to find our perfect home without her. She was calm and focused when everything seemed most challenging — a true professional and advocate who has become a dear friend. We are grateful to have met her!

Read More

- Peter McGillivray & Jillian Jopling- Peter McGillivray & Jillian Jopling
“Paige demonstrated all qualities you want in a realtor – knowledgeable, attentive, responsive, patient. She put us into our first dream home, and due to that experience, we’ve returned to her time and again for our other real estate needs. You will quickly realize after working with Paige that while she focuses on completing your deal, her endgame is to ensure her clients’ needs are preserved and satisfied.

Read More

- Gail & Ian Mackey- Gail & Ian Mackey
“As first time buyers in the US, we are delighted to have worked with Paige. She is a delight to work with, and I would recommend anyone to enlist her help if you’re looking to either buy or sell a property.

Read More

- Dr. Jen Shroff- Dr. Jen Shroff
“Paige is simply the best. She was patient with us throughout the process and took time to answer all of our questions! She knows so much about the housing market so we felt very confident that we were in great hands!

Read More

- Travis LeConey- Travis LeConey
“Paige has helped my wife and I twice now. I couldn’t think of a better person to have in your corner when buying or selling! She guided us through the process, and made it seem so easy that selling/buying was fun! Paige is a great person, very responsive, and great at what she does. I recommend Paige to all my friends and co-workers. If you are buying or selling in the area Paige covers, give her a call. You won’t regret it!

Read More

- Xavier Refunjol- Xavier Refunjol
“Paige is dedicated, thorough and caring to where you feel you’re their only client. Their best asset is their honesty, based on experience and data. We had a great time buying our first home largely because of them. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Read More

- Taylor Lamb- Taylor Lamb
“Paige was wonderful to work with. She was thorough, knowledgeable and patient. I would highly recommend Paige to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.”

Read More

- Jeremy & Lynn Greene- Jeremy & Lynn Greene
“Paige Martin is the best Realtor. She is highly experienced and very knowledgeable. She made our buying experience an enjoyable one, not only for us, but for our daughter, son-in-law and several of our friends. We have bought and sold many houses, and Paige has been the best realtor we have ever worked with. We highly recommend her.

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- Dr. Forrest Roth, MD- Dr. Forrest Roth, MD
“Paige is the best of the best when it comes to real estate! She has bought & sold many properties for us & we couldn't recommend her more highly!

Read More

- Tina Spiller, Chevron- Tina Spiller, Chevron
“I really enjoyed working with Paige on the sale of my townhome. The HAR listing was perfect and went up quickly and the sale was closed within 30 days. I definitely recommend Paige for any real estate transaction.

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