Houston Zip Code Map: Best Neighborhoods By Zip Code

The best zip codes to live in Houston TX, according to this expert guide.

Houston Zip Code Map: Best Neighborhoods By Zip Code

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the U.S. and the largest in the state of Texas. With an estimated population of 2.3 million, it is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation.

The Bayou City covers over 600 square miles of area and has approximately 200 zip codes housing not only the best neighborhoods but also many popular areas.

If you’re looking to buy a property in Houston by zip code, our top Houston Realtors have created this expert guide for you.

In this feature, we have the complete list of Houston area zip codes and the zip code map of Houston and its surrounding areas. To make it easier for you, we have divided the city of Houston zip code map into the following sections:

Dividing the city into these regions provides a better view of the boundary lines compared to a Greater Houston zip code map limited to only five cities.

Know the best zip codes to live in Houston TX through our comprehensive neighborhood profiles and find them in our map of Houston neighborhoods by zip code.

For more information about the best zip codes to live in Houston TX, contact Paige Martin, ranked as the #1 Keller Williams Realtor in Houston and #5 Keller Williams Realtor in the United States.

Grab your free PDF of Houston's top neighborhoods (based on flooding, schools, appreciation rates, accessibility & more.)
Houston's Best Neighborhoods

Table of Contents

  1. The Houston Texas Zip Code List
  2. Popular Houston Real Estate Resources
  3. Best Zip Code To Live In Houston TX?
  4. Central Houston Zip Code Map
  5. West/Southwest Houston Zip Code Map
  6. North/Northwest Houston Zip Code Map
  7. Northeast/East Houston Zip Code Map
  8. South/Southeast Houston Zip Code Map
  9. Bonus: Katy TX Zip Code Map
  10. Meet The Best Houston Realtors: Paige Martin & The Houston Properties Team

The Houston Texas Zip Code List

The Houston Texas Zip Code List

Houston TX has approximately 200 zip codes. Contact us, the #1 Keller Williams Realtor in Houston, to know where to find the top-ranking neighborhoods within these zip codes.

The list of Houston area zip codes is comprised of approximately 200 zip codes covering the five main geographic regions of the city. Find the list below and explore the neighborhoods sorted under each zip code for Houston TX.


77002 77021 77040 77059 77078 77098 77384 77479 77547
77003 77022 77041 77060 77079 77099 77385 77484 77571
77004 77023 77042 77061 77080 77204 77386 77489 77573
77005 77024 77043 77062 77081 77325 77388 77492 77574
77006 77025 77044 77063 77082 77336 77389 77493 77578
77007 77026 77045 77064 77083 77338 77396 77494 77581
77008 77027 77046 77065 77084 77339 77401 77497 77584
77009 77028 77047 77066 77085 77345 77406 77498 77586
77010 77029 77048 77067 77086 77346 77407 77502 77587
77011 77030 77049 77068 77087 77354 77429 77503 77588
77012 77031 77050 77069 77088 77357 77433 77504 77598
77013 77032 77051 77070 77089 77365 77447 77505
77014 77033 77052 77071 77090 77373 77449 77506
77015 77034 77053 77072 77091 77375 77450 77507
77016 77035 77054 77073 77092 77377 77459 77520
77017 77036 77055 77074 77093 77379 77469 77530
77018 77037 77056 77075 77094 77380 77472 77532
77019 77038 77057 77076 77095 77381 77477 77536
77020 77039 77058 77077 77096 77382 77478 77546

Popular Houston Real Estate Resources

Popular Houston Real Estate Resources

For a customized approach to your home buying or selling experience, contact Paige Martin, the #1 Individual Agent with Keller Williams in the State of Texas and team lead of the Houston Properties Team.

Houston Properties For Sale

Top Houston Neighborhoods

Best Of Houston

Free Houston Resources

Best Zip Code To Live In Houston TX?

Best Zip Code To Live In Houston TX?

The most difficult step in the homebuying process is finding the right property. With over $500-million in Houston residential home sales, the Houston Properties Team can help you find the perfect home.

When looking for the best zip code to live in Houston TX, you should consider researching Houston’s Best Neighborhoods.

Similar to these top neighborhoods, the best Houston home zip codes can also be found in:

The Houston zip codes inside the loop are comprised of the most popular neighborhoods and best performers in real estate appreciation. The area has excellent locations and offers great accessibility to its residents like in Downtown Houston zip code 77002, which is among the best neighborhoods in Houston, located at the heart of the region, and mixed-use neighborhood Midtown Houston. The Midtown Houston zip code is 77004.

When it comes to affordability, our ranking of Houston’s top suburbs lists down some of the best places to live in like the ones in The Woodlands zip code 77375 and another in Katy TX with zip code 77493.

Pearland is another well-ranked Houston suburb just 16 miles south of Downtown. A couple of the best zip codes in Pearland TX are 77584 and 77581, also known for their affordable home prices and one of the best master-planned communities in the Bayou City.

If you’re looking to retire, we’ve ranked the Best 55+ Communities in Houston. Here you will find information about best active adult communities like Del Webb Streetgrass located in Richmond TX zip code 77469.

For those who want to know which are the most expensive zip codes in Houston, the Top Luxury Neighborhoods have some of the wealthiest and most desirable communities. These include Houston's Memorial zip code 77079 and Piney Point’s 77024.

Find the Houston counties by zip code in our map. If you’d like to see homes zoned in specific zip codes, please contact Paige Martin, the #1 Keller Williams Realtor in Houston.

Central Houston Zip Code Map

Central Houston Zip Code Map

For a custom list of homes for sale in Houston’s best inner loop neighborhoods, contact the Houston Properties Team, the #1 ranked boutique real estate team in Houston.


77002 77010 77025 77088 77046
77003 77011 77030 77091 77052
77004 77018 77045 77096
77005 77019 77054 77098
77006 77021 77056 77204
77007 77022 77057 77401
77008 77023 77076 77037
77009 77024 77081 77038

The Greater Heights and Core Inner Loop Houston zip codes make up Central Houston. Get a free Houston zip code boundary map above.

Exclusive Neighborhoods

Within the Inner Loop, the Houston TX zip code 77019 in River Oaks is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the U.S. and Houston’s most expensive one. It has gotten elite rankings in features of Forbes, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal as one of the best places to live in.

Many parts of Central Houston also have the hottest zip codes. Thanks to the top neighborhoods within its enclave and the region’s accessibility.

Accessible Locations

Houston Heights with zip codes 77007 and 77008 ranks #1 among Houston’s most accessible neighborhoods.

The Galleria, one of the Bayou City’s premier business and retail centers, offers world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment to its residents. The district is also home to Houston's Best Condo Investments. The zip codes of Galleria, Houston are 77056 and 77057.

Affordable Homes

Lazybrook, about five miles from Downtown Houston, provides affordable home options within the inner loop. Despite being among Houston’s best performers in real estate and land value appreciation, Lazybrook’s 77008 median sales price is just around $400,000.

West/Southwest Houston Zip Code Map

West/Southwest Houston Zip Code Map

Contact the top real estate brokerage firms in Houston to help you find affordable homes in the suburbs with above-average lot sizes, zoned to Houston's best schools.


77007 77042 77074 77094 77478
77018 77043 77077 77099 77479
77024 77053 77079 77406 77489
77027 77055 77080 77407 77493
77031 77056 77082 77449 77494
77035 77057 77083 77450 77498
77036 77063 77084 77459 77477
77040 77071 77085 77469 77497
77041 77072 77092 77472 77492

Home to the best suburbs in Houston, West/Southwest Houston boasts many top master-planned communities. Get the printable Houston zip code map above.

Home to Fortune 500 Firms

The Energy Corridor, home to Fortune 500 firms, is conveniently located in this area nestled in Houston's main thoroughfares. Energy Corridor zip codes include 77077, 77079, 77084, and 77043.

The tree-lined suburban neighborhoods in this district each span a number of zip codes making the region’s real estate market a bit tricky to navigate.

For example, Greater Katy alone is under several zip codes, namely: 77449, 77450, 77491, 77492, 77493, and 77494.

Independent City

Richmond, a small independent city within the county seat of Fort Bend, offers a wide variety of homes surrounded by great outdoor recreation options. Similar to Katy TX, Richmond is under several zip codes, 77406, 77407, and 77469, with a number of communities in the area.

Sought-After Suburb

Another sought-after suburb and one of the best places to live in Houston is Sugar Land, which ranked third in CNN/Money and Money Magazine’s list of “100 Best Cities to Live in the United States." This top neighborhood, also nestled within Fort Bend County, covers zip codes 77478, 77479, 77487, 77496, and 77498.

Affluent Communities

Just 20 miles away from the Energy Corridor is Fulshear, a city offering scenic views and beautiful homes. It was named one of “Houston’s Most Affluent Communities” by the American City Business Journal. Fulshear’s 77441 tops the fastest growing zip codes in Houston.

North/Northwest Houston Zip Code Map

North/Northwest Houston Zip Code Map

Northwest Houston features several best neighborhoods in terms of land appreciation. If you're looking to buy a house in Houston's top suburbs, our team can give you recommendations.


77014 77066 77095 77377 77389
77018 77067 77325 77379 77396
77032 77068 77338 77380 77429
77039 77069 77339 77381 77433
77040 77070 77345 77382 77447
77050 77073 77346 77384 77484
77060 77086 77354 77385
77064 77090 77373 77386
77065 77093 77375 77388

North/Northwest Houston houses a number of the best suburban neighborhoods just outside the Inner Loop and north of the Energy Corridor. Above is the Northwest / North Houston Texas zip code map.

Lush Neighborhoods

The Woodlands, a top-ranking suburb, is home to several lush neighborhoods. With a 28,000-acre master-planned community, its homes offer a “living with nature” quality. The Woodlands’ huge township is under zip codes 77380, 77381, 77382, 77384, 77385, 77354, 77375, and 77389.

Accessible Locations

Spring is another high-ranking suburb in North Houston highly accessible to business centers in The Woodlands and Downtown. Thanks to its close proximity to main thoroughfares and freeways, the area offers an easy commute to its residents to key Houston neighborhoods. Spring TX is under several zip codes, namely: 77373, 77379, 77389, 77388, and 77386.

Eco-Conscious Communities

Stonebrook Estates, a gated community in Northwest Houston, is dubbed as a “low-impact community” with its efforts to be one of the first Houston communities with a stormwater management system. Stonebrook Estates’ zip code 77375 is located along Spring Cypress Road and is just minutes away from schools, parks, and job centers.

Northeast/East Houston Zip Code Map

Northeast/East Houston Zip Code Map

With all the highly popular neighborhoods in Houston, it's easy to get misled when looking for a property. Contact us for advice and get the most out of your Houston real estate investment.


77012 77029 77357
77013 77044 77365
77015 77049 77520
77016 77078 77530
77020 77336 77536
77026 77338 77547
77028 77346 77571

Surrounded by lush greens, serene waters, and a scenic view of Lake Houston, this neighborhood remains popular due to its tranquil atmosphere. Check out the Northeast / East Houston zip code boundary map above.

Master-Planned Communities

This region is home to several master-planned communities including Atascocita's 77346, an affluent lakeside community and one of the fastest-growing areas in Texas, as well as Eagle Springs 77346 spanning 1,360-acres.

A top suburban destination Northeast of Houston is Humble within zip codes 77338, 77346, and 77396. This suburb is popular due to the number of master-planned communities in its area. Residents enjoy an easy commute to key districts like The George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Kingwood, known as “The Livable Forest” is the largest master-planned community in Harris County. It has 25 villages in its community and is under the safest zip codes in Houston, namely: 77325, 77339, 77345, and 77346.

South/Southeast Houston Zip Code Map

South/Southeast Houston Zip Code Map

Our top agents at the Houston Properties Team ranked the best suburbs in the South and Southeast. Reach out to us and we'll help you find the best community for you and your family.


77015 77058 77459 77546 77587
77017 77059 77502 77573 77588
77033 77061 77503 77574 77598
77034 77062 77504 77578 77532
77047 77075 77505 77581
77048 77087 77506 77584
77051 77089 77507 77586

One huge perk of living in the South and Southeast Houston region is the accessibility to Downtown, Galleria and Texas Medical Center. See the map of South / Southeast Houston area zip code map above.

Master-Planned Communities

Pearland TX, located in South Houston, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. Pearland homes for sale have mid to large-sized lots ranging from 6,000-15,000 square feet, and offer real estate on the more affordable side. One of the best master-planned communities in Houston, Shadow Creek Ranch, can be found in Pearland TX zip code 77584. Other zip codes within Pearland are 77581 and 77588.

Clear Lake's 77059 located in the Galveston Bay Area is the second-largest master-planned community in the Bayou City. It’s close to aerospace companies such as NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing.

Best Suburbs

Friendswood with zip code 77546, ranked third on our list of best suburbs in the South / Southeast, is an independent city southeast of Downtown. Adjacent to Pearland, Friendswood is highly accessible with easy access to Houston's main roads.

Bonus: Katy TX Zip Code Map

Bonus: Katy TX Zip Code Map

If you’re looking for the absolute best in the Houston suburbs, we’ve done the research. Contact us and we'll give you in-depth analysis on which Houston suburb may be best for you.



Katy is an open prairie suburb home to many top-ranked master-planned communities. Katy zip codes 77494 and 77449 are among the largest-growing zip codes in Houston.

Due to its area’s size and number of communities, its real estate market can be tricky to navigate. Get a free Houston zip code map of Katy TX above.

The major Houston employment hub Energy Corridor is easily accessible from Katy with just a 15-minute commute time.

Katy TX has a strong real estate market with a wide range of affordable homes for sale. It is surrounded by popular shopping and entertainment establishments which makes Katy one of the top communities in Texas for “Fun Family Activities."

Meet The Best Houston Realtors: Paige Martin & The Houston Properties Team

Meet The Best Houston Realtors: Paige Martin & The Houston Properties Team

The Houston Properties Team has a well-defined structure based on the individual strengths of each member. Each member is a specialist in their role – which is why our homes sell faster and for more money than average.

Paige Martin, Broker Associate with Keller Williams Realty, and the Houston Properties Team are ranked among the top real estate teams in Houston and residential Realtors in the world.

They have been featured on TV and in dozens of publications including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, Reuters, Fox News in the Morning, Money Magazine, Houston Business Journal, Houstonia, and Houston Chronicle.

Paige Martin was just ranked as the #5 agent in the world with Keller Williams and has completed over $500,000,000 in Houston residential real estate sales.

Recent awards include:

Paige also serves a variety of non-profits, civic, and community boards and was appointed by Houston’s Mayor to be on the downtown TIRZ board.

Benefits Of Working With The Houston Properties Team

Our Team, composed of distinguished and competent Houston luxury realtors, has a well-defined structure based on the individual strengths of each member.

We find team approach as the most effective way to sell homes. We have dedicated people doing staging, marketing, social media, open houses, and showings. Each Houston Properties Team member is a specialist in their role – which is why our homes sell faster and for more money than average.

The benefits of working with a team include:

To meet all the award-winning members of The Houston Properties Team, please go here.

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