11 Of The Best Houston Neighborhoods In Accessibility & Walkability

11 Of The Best Houston Neighborhoods In Accessibility & Walkability

Looking for the best restaurants, shopping, and entertainment? Tired of traffic? See "Houston's Walkable Neighborhoods" for 2020.

11 Of The Best Houston Neighborhoods In Accessibility & Walkability

Many people in Houston feel that traffic is the worst problem facing the city, according to the 38th annual study from Rice’s Kinder Institute. Traffic (36%) topped the “Biggest Problems Facing The City” list, outranking Crime (15%), Economy (11%), and Flooding (7%).(1)

In addition, Houston’s population is expected to grow by more than 12% to 7.4 million people by 2020.(2)(3)

While dynamic growth is always a good thing, this implies that Houston traffic is likely to get worse over the next decade.

One of my clients summed up the challenge well:

Houston Accessible Quote

To answer that, we looked at the following to determine the most accessible neighborhoods in Houston:

  • Analyzed the “Best Restaurants” lists from Houston Chronicle(4), Eater(5), Zagat(6) and TripAdvisor(7) and found neighborhoods with the most winners.
  • Compared studies from Forbes (“The Most Walkable Major Cities in Texas”), Houston Chronicle Walkability Study, “Walkable Urban Places,” “Most Walkable Houston Neighborhood,” “Walkable Neighborhoods in Houston,” and “WalkUp.”
  • Assessed venues that make up The New York Times claim that Houston is “one of the great eating capitals of America.”(8)
  • Overlaid top-ranked grocery stores.
  • Compared neighborhoods with Houston’s Best Public School Guide.
  • Interviewed dozens of our clients to find out where they love living without needing a car.

We also researched the median sales prices of single-family homes, townhomes, and condos in each of these Most Accessible Neighborhoods so you can see which is right for your budget.

“Paige Martin is the best Realtor. She is highly experienced and very knowledgeable. She made our buying experience an enjoyable one, not only for us, but for our daughter, son-in-law and several of our friends. She knows which neighborhoods are the best in all categories, and which ones we should avoid. We highly recommend her and The Houston Properties Team.” — Jeremy & Lyn Greene

See The Houston Neighborhood Guide In PDF

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Table of Contents

  1. Where To Live On Your Budget: Houston's Walkable Neighborhoods
  2. 11 Most Walkable Neighborhoods in Houston
  3. Sources, Methodology & Disclosures
  4. Top-Ranked Realtors: Paige Martin & The Houston Properties Team

Where To Live On Your Budget: Houston’s Walkable Neighborhoods

For a customized approach to your home buying or selling experience, contact Paige Martin, the #1 Individual Agent with Keller Williams in the State of Texas and team lead of The Houston Properties Team.

Neighborhood Single Family Home Townhome Condo
Houston Heights $560,000 $369,500 $220,000
Montrose $680,000 $415,000 $225,000
Rice / Museum District $650,000 $412,500 $309,900
Midtown Houston $445,000 $330,000 $250,000
Downtown Houston NA NA $252,000
Upper Kirby $850,000 $550,500 $412,000
Hyde Park $1,080,000 $445,000 NA
Rice Military $476,000 $386,000 $486,500
Galleria Houston $602,000 $245,000 $249,950
West University $1,350,000 $545,000 NA
East Downtown $375,000 $330,000 $258,000

The above table shows the 2020 median sale prices for single-family homes, townhomes & condos in Houston’s “walkable neighborhoods,” areas that are on this list of the best Houston neighborhoods with high accessibility.

DISCLAIMER: These are median values. The “premier streets” within each neighborhood typically sell at a premium to these prices. Also, it is very important to be cautious of locations that are near a major thoroughfare or railroad track because such proximity hurts resale. Likewise, be wary of buying from builders that have poor quality reputations as the quality of construction can vary widely and adversely affect home values.

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in any of the top Houston places with accessible homes in these Inner Loop neighborhoods or at any other area within the “best walkable neighborhoods of Houston,” contact Paige Martin, one of the top-ranked Realtors in the world and lead of the Houston Properties Team to get candid advice on the best homes and neighborhoods for you.

11 Most Walkable Neighborhoods in Houston

11 Most Walkable Neighborhoods in Houston

These 11 walkable Houston neighborhoods offer you quality living, great value, and easy access to lifestyle conveniences and amenities to help you live your best life, even without a car!

Houston Heights Header


Neighborhood Single Family Home Townhome Condo
Houston Heights $560,000 $369,500 $220,000

Houston Heights Map

The Heights is one of Houston’s Hottest Neighborhoods and is located north of I-10 highway, south of Loop 610 and west of Highway 45.

The Heights is widely regarded as one of the Houston neighborhoods with high walkability, a reputation that received a solid boost when Culture Map cited the area as “one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Houston.”

Ranked #4 in CNN Money’s Top 10 Big City Neighborhoods, The Heights retains an effortless charm and small-town feel that belies its fantastic collection of restaurants, coffee bars, antique shops, parks, and running trails. All of these support that The Heights’ reputation as “one of Houston’s walkable neighborhoods” is well-deserved.

In fact, the Greater Heights area alone has over 1,000 Yelp-rated establishments.

Notable Establishments

  • Popular Neighborhood Venues: Historic Houston Heights Shopping District, Heights Library
  • Top Ranked Restaurants Nearby: Rainbow Lodge, King’s BierHaus, Cane Rosso, La Lucha, Down House, Squable, Coltivare, Torchy’s, Teotihuacan
  • Grocery Stores: Sprouts Farmers Market, H-E-B, Kroger
  • Trails & Parks: White Oak Park, Stude Park, Hike & Bike Trail System

Real estate in the Greater Heights has been a fantastic investment over the past decade. The area ranked #2 on Houston’s Best Land Value Appreciation Rates, making it an ideal place to look for Houston Heights homes with great walkability.

Houston Heights Homes For Sale

Montrose Header


Neighborhood Single Family Home Townhome Condo
Montrose $680,000 $415,000 $225,000

Montrose Map

Located in the heart of Houston’s Inner Loop, Montrose is a diverse neighborhood known for its elegantly restored mansions, craftsman bungalows, contemporary condos, and fantastic restaurants and bars.

The Houston Chronicle wrote, “Montrose, the central Houston community known for its diverse lifestyles, vibrant street life and stately historic homes, is being honored by the American Planning Association … as one of the country’s 10 great neighborhoods.”

Montrose is just minutes from Downtown Houston and The Medical Center. Buyers looking for walkable condos in Montrose will be delighted to discover that the area offers one of the best commutes of any of the Houston inner loop neighborhoods to these major employment hubs.

As a strong contender on this list of “walkable places to live in Houston,” Montrose boasts over 50 restaurants and bars, including nine restaurants that consistently make the list of “Top Restaurants in the State of Texas,” according to Texas Monthly.

Notable Establishments

  • Popular Neighborhood Venues: Menil Collection, Rothko Chapel, University of St Thomas
  • Top Ranked Restaurants Nearby: Uchi, The Pit Room, Baby Barnaby’s, The Breakfast Klub, Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine, Oporto, Hugo’s, Vinoteca Poscol, Paulie’s, Common Bond, Agora, Anvil, Hay Merchant
  • Grocery Stores: H-E-B, Central City Co-op, Whole Foods, Kroger
  • Trails & Parks: Menil Park, Cherryhurst Community Center

Montrose real estate has also been widely considered a great investment primarily because of the suburb’s standing as one of the most accessible Houston neighborhoods, with many lifestyle amenities that are conveniently near. The neighborhood is ranked #8 in Houston Neighborhoods With Best Land Value Appreciation.

Montrose Map

Rice Museum District Header


Neighborhood Single Family Home Townhome Condo
Rice / Museum District $650,000 $412,500 $309,900

Rice / Museum District Map

When it comes to Houston living walkability can be a deciding factor in your choice of neighborhood. Did you know that Houston’s Museum District is second only to Manhattan, NY in terms of the country’s largest number of museums in a contiguous area? Within a 1.5-mile radius of the Museum District, there are 19 museums that offer educational, artistic, and scientific resources. A dozen of these member museums have free admission each day.

YourHoustonNews wrote, “Museum District represents world-class collections of art, history and science – all within a walkable area. The museums are one of the biggest draws to the city – and one of the reasons more and more visitors consider Houston a leisure destination.“

Also, this area includes Rice University, Houston’s Zoo, Hermann Park Golf Course, three running trails, Miller Outdoor Theatre and METRORail access to The Medical Center and Downtown Houston.

Notable Establishments

  • Popular Neighborhood Venues: Children’s Museum, Miller Outdoor Theatre, Museum of Natural Science, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Zoo, Rice University
  • Top Ranked Restaurants Nearby: Lucille’s, The Pit Room, The Turkey Leg Hut, Ambrosia, Barnaby’s Cafe
  • Grocery Stores: Randall’s
  • Trails & Parks: Hermann Park and Golf Course, McGovern Centennial Gardens, Museum Park, Rice University Running Trails

Museum District homes with great walkability represent a great investment. The Museum District is among the Houston Neighborhoods With Best Land Value Appreciation.

Museum District Map

Midtown Header


Neighborhood Single Family Home Townhome Condo
Midtown Houston $445,000 $330,000 $250,000

Midtown Houston Map

How walkable is Houston? If you’ve been asking yourself that question, Midtown will open your eyes to just how pedestrian-friendly Houston can be.

Located between Downtown Houston and Medical Center, Midtown offers residents easy access to both of the city’s biggest commercial districts.

As one of Houston’s most accessible neighborhoods, Midtown is nestled at the corner where the Southwest and Gulf Freeways meet, permitting residents multiple options to access the city’s main commercial and business hubs. It also enjoys an excellent reputation for bike-ability and public transportation. The METRORail runs through the neighborhood, providing residents easy access to the main city districts.

Midtown MetroRail Map

Midtown residents are just a few blocks away from approximately 180 restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Many of the new construction in the area are accessible Midtown homes that have been designed to accommodate and encourage retail activities on the first floors of multi-story buildings.

Notable Establishments

  • Popular Neighborhood Venues: Houston Community College
  • Top Ranked Restaurants Nearby: Breakfast Klub, Jinya Ramen Bar, Artisans, Wanna Bao
  • Grocery Stores: Whole Foods Market, Randall’s
  • Trails & Parks: Elizabeth Baldwin Park, Midtown Park, Bethel Park, Peggy’s Point Plaza Park, West Webster Street Park,

Midtown has seen tremendous growth in recent years. HoustonChronicle(7) noted that “the walking scene for people who live in mixed-use developments in Midtown includes retail, lounges, and restaurants. Midtown, just south of the Central Business District, has seen its residential population explode over the past decade, to about 8,600 today.”

Midtown Map

Downtown Header


Neighborhood Single Family Home Townhome Condo
Downtown Houston NA NA $252,000

Downtown Houston Map

Approximately 200,000 people from over 3,500 companies work in Downtown Houston each day.

Downtown’s central Inner Loop location makes it one of Houston’s most accessible districts. It is also bordered by the city’s main thoroughfares. Downtown also has its own METRORail station and local bus service for transportation.

One of the most unique aspects of this neighborhood is that it houses just under 3,000 residents, spread out through a collection of Downtown Houston lofts & condos, giving the neighborhood a “small community feel” despite its cosmopolitan setting. Downtown is one of the areas that show “walkable Houston” at its best.

There are 25 residential Downtown Houston loft and condo buildings (see map and details below), comprising the majority of the available Downtown real estate options.

Many of these lofts and condos are minutes from key METRORail stations. To see these Downtown Houston condos with great walkability, please check the map below.

MetroRail Condo Map

In Downtown Houston, residents enjoy living a few blocks away from numerous parks, the Sundance Cinema, the Bayou Center, and the Theatre District. The latter enjoys the reputation of having the second-largest number of seats in the country.

Notable Establishments

  • Popular Neighborhood Venues: Central Business District, Minute Maid Park, Toyota Center, Convention Center, Revention Music Center, Wortham Center, University of Houston-Downtown, Hobby Center, Jones Hall, Aquarium
  • Top Ranked Restaurants Nearby: Public Services Wine & Whisky, Niko Niko’s, Hearsay, Char Bar, Treebeards, Warren’s Inn
  • Grocery Stores: Phoenicia Speciality Foods, Randall’s, Main Street Square
  • Trails & Parks: Discovery Green, Sesquicentennial Park, Sam Houston Park

Downtown Houston is a bustling district filled with residential and commercial skyscrapers; streets lined up with restaurants, bars, and clubs; parks; and an extensive network of pedestrian tunnels. All of these make for an inviting and exciting lifestyle, easily putting the Downtown area among the best walkable places in Houston.

Downtown Houston Loft Condo Map

Upper Kirby Header


Neighborhood Single Family Home Townhome Condo
Upper Kirby $850,000 $550,500 $412,000

Upper Kirby Map

Located a few miles southwest of Downtown Houston, Upper Kirby is a vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood.

Upper Kirby is among the most accessible neighborhoods in Houston. Schools, restaurants, bars, shopping centers, stores, and cafes are located near Upper Kirby homes. Job and business centers like Downtown Houston and Medical Center are mere minutes away from the neighborhood.

Upper Kirby is nestled next to the Greenway Plaza, while the River Oaks Shopping Center and the Galleria are within a short drive from the neighborhood.

An excellent array of accessible Upper Kirby townhomes gives residents convenient access to the Buffalo Speedway, the Southwest Freeway, Westheimer Road, and Shepherd Drive.

Apart from reaping the benefits of its central location, the neighborhood is also a destination in itself, with its collection of upscale boutiques, fine dining restaurants, bars, and lounges.

Notable Establishments

  • Popular Neighborhood Venues: Greenway Plaza, Lakewood Church, Edwards Greenway
  • Top Ranked Restaurants Nearby: Arnaldo Richard’s Pico’s Restaurant, Fat Bao, Armando’s, Kata Robata, Pondicheri, Giacomo’s Cibo E Vino, Kiran’s, Mia’s Table, Jordan’s Food
  • Grocery Stores: Whole Foods, Central Market, H-E-B
  • Trails & Parks: Levy Park

Upper Kirby real estate is among the best-performing properties in Houston over the last 10 years, ranking #11 in the list of Houston’s Neighborhoods With Best Land Value Appreciation.

Upper Kirby Map

Hyde Park River Oaks Header


Neighborhood Single Family Home Townhome Condo
Hyde Park $1,080,000 $445,000 NA

River Oaks is Houston’s most expensive neighborhood. Choosing a River Oaks homes with good walkability would be an excellent decision. Located in the geographic center of the city, it is one of the most accessible and best walkable neighborhoods in Houston.

The neighborhood is north of the Upper Kirby District and is near many major thoroughfares such as Westheimer Road, Kirby Drive, and San Felipe Street.

Houston’s three main districts, Downtown, Galleria, and Medical Center, are within 15 to 20 minutes from River Oaks.

River Oaks Map

The Southern and Eastern sides of River Oaks border the fabulous collection of restaurants, bars, boutiques, and art galleries at the River Oaks Shopping Center and the Upper Kirby/Greenway Plaza.

Despite all these, many parts of River Oaks retain a quiet ambiance, with acre-plus lots and deed restrictions to keep out commercial establishments. The entirety of River Oaks is a scenic view of towering trees that line streets, coupled with intricately detailed bushes that lead to pocket gardens.

Commonly referred to as a “River Oaks Neighbor,” Hyde Park is a small collection of homes on the Southeast side of River Oaks near Shepherd, Westheimer and Montrose that have fabulous access to grocery, shops, restaurants, bars, parks, and schools.

Notable Establishments

  • Popular Neighborhood Venues: River Oaks Theatre, River Oaks District, River Oaks Country Club
  • Top Ranked Restaurants Nearby: State of Grace, Backstreet Cafe, America’s, La Griglia, Brasserie 19, Pepper Twins, Hopdoddy Burger Bar, The Tuck Room
  • Grocery Stores: Kroger, Randall’s, Whole Foods
  • Trails & Parks: River Oaks Country Club, Buffalo Bayou Park, Mandell Park

This luxury region is one of the best places to live for great access to shops, restaurants and the finer things of Houston’s inner loop.

Hyde Park Map

Rice Military Header


Neighborhood Single Family Home Townhome Condo
Rice Military $476,000 $386,000 $486,500

Rice Military Map

Located in the center of Houston’s Inner Loop, Rice Military is bordered by Westcott on the west, Shepherd/Durham on the east, Washington on the north, and Buffalo Bayou on the south.

The Rice Military neighborhood is a few minutes away from Houston’s main districts. Galleria and Downtown Houston are roughly 10 minutes away.

Accessible homes in the Rice Military area are a stone’s throw away from Memorial Park, one of the nation’s largest urban parks with one of the largest trail systems anywhere in the city.

Houston Chronicle wrote, “Rice Military, a historic neighborhood on the fringes, is now a hip locale for young professionals and those without children interested in culture, fitness and walkable living. One thing that appeals to these demographics is the ability to walk to restaurants, shopping, art galleries and of course, Memorial Park, in addition to several other local parks.”

The majority of Rice Military’s establishments are bars and restaurants and are filled with excitement most weekends. Yelp also has over 500 rated establishments in the area.

Notable Establishments

  • Popular Neighborhood Venues: Target Shopping Complex, Silver Street Studios
  • Top Ranked Restaurants Nearby: The Classic, The Union Kitchen, Max’s, Laurenzo’s, El Tiempo Cantina
  • Grocery Stores: Kroger, Sprout’s, Whole Foods
  • Trails & Parks: Sandy Reed Memorial Trail, Eleanor Tinsley Park, Memorial Park, Memorial Park Golf Course, Buffalo Bayou Trails

Rice Military ranks #11 in Houston Neighborhoods With Best Land Value Appreciation.

Rice Military Map

Galleria Uptown Park Header


Neighborhood Single Family Home Townhome Condo
Galleria Houston $602,000 $245,000 $249,950

Galleria Houston Map

Located just outside the Inner Loop, the Galleria is one of Houston’s busiest and most exciting districts.

Strategically located at the corner of Southwest Freeway, A Galleria condo with great walkability is always a good choice because the area is one of Houston’s most accessible neighborhoods. Situated near the Galleria district is the refreshing expanse of Memorial Park, one of the country’s largest urban parks. Downtown Houston, Medical Center and the West University area are about 15 to 20 minutes away from the area as well.

Most of the people who live in the Galleria/Uptown Park area live in condos and highrises. High-rise living allows residents to reside just a few blocks from numerous entertainment hubs like The Galleria Mall and Uptown Park, as well as several hundred restaurants, parks, and shops.

Galleria high-rises also offer great amenities: tennis courts, pools, saunas, fitness rooms, well-kept grounds, roof top decks, and more. Porters, valet, building managers, concierges, and trash & dry cleaning pickup are also available at many luxury buildings.

Notable Establishments

  • Popular Neighborhood Venues: Galleria Mall, Galleria Business District, Uptown Park
  • Top Ranked Restaurants Nearby: Peli Peli, Masraff’s, Caracol, Blanco Tacos + Tequila, Dish Society, Fig & Olive, North Italia
  • Grocery Stores: Whole Foods, Grocery’s & More, Randall’s
  • Trails & Parks: Waterwall Park

Condos comprise the most popular real estate in the Galleria district. Most of the Best Houston Condo Investments are within luxury highrises within the area. Make it a point to compare Galleria Condos, as land values in the area can run quite high.

Galleria Uptown Park Condo List

West University Header


Neighborhood Single Family Home Townhome Condo
West University $1,350,000 $545,000 NA

West University Map

West University offers easy access to Downtown Houston, The Medical Center, The Galleria, and Houston’s Inner Loop. The neighborhood is also right next to the Southwest Freeway, providing residents the benefit of accessibility to the rest of the city’s main business and commercial districts.

West University is also one of Houston’s Top 20 Most Expensive Neighborhoods.

West University homes with great walkability offer proximity to some of the best public schools in the State of Texas, a private police and fire department, and the Rice Village Shopping Center with over 300 establishments.

Parts of West U also offer a fantastic small-town vibe with easy access to the Rice Village Shopping Center with over 300 establishments. The entire area is also divided into 26 blocks or sections, making it one of the most organized neighborhoods in Houston.

Notable Establishments

  • Popular Neighborhood Venues: Rice Village, Rice University, West U Library System
  • Top Ranked Restaurants Nearby: Sixty Vines, Benjy’s, Houston’s, Hu’s Cooking
  • Grocery Stores: HEB, Kroger, Randall’s
  • Trails & Parks: West University Park System, Rice University Running Trails

Aside from being one of Houston’s Most Expensive Neighborhoods, West University Real Estate has one Houston’s Best Land Value Appreciation.

West University Map

East Downtown Header


Neighborhood Single Family Home Townhome Condo
East Downtown $375,000 $330,000 $258,000

East Downtown Map

East Downtown or EaDo as the locals call it, is one of Houston’s top, up-and-coming neighborhoods.

Located adjacent to Downtown Houston, this area was a graveyard of abandoned supermarkets and restaurants until about 10 years ago.

Today, EaDo is a vibrant Houston neighborhood. The major business districts of Downtown Houston, Texas Medical Center, and the Houston Ship Channel are all situated near East Downtown homes with great walkability for residents looking for accessible places to live.

Located north of Interstate 45, it sits between the George R. Brown Convention Center and the East End district.

Formerly referred to as “Houston Chinatown,” EaDo was once filled with inexpensive land. Over the past few years, however, this community has seen sizeable investments in capital projects, on a scale that easily puts it among the largest of any part of Houston.

EaDoHouston.com dubbed the neighborhood as the “Art & Soul of Houston.” Living in EaDo has numerous lifestyle benefits, from the new BBVA Soccer stadium, MetroRail expansion, multiple new apartments & townhome complexes, and an explosion of new, highly-rated restaurants and bars.

Notable Establishments

  • Popular Neighborhood Venues: BBVA Compass Stadium
  • Top Ranked Restaurants Nearby: EaDeaux’s, Rodeo Goat, Huynh, Nancy’s Hustle, Truck Yard
  • Grocery Stores: Long Sing Supermarket, Kim Hung, Phoenicia Foods

The reinvention of the EaDo area has propelled it among Houston Neighborhoods With Best Land Value Appreciation.

East Downtown Area Map

Sources, Methodology & Disclosures

Sources, Methodology & Disclosures

With all the available information out there about the top walkable neighborhoods in Houston, making a decision on which area to choose can be confusing.
Get the advice of the best Houston Realtors and remove the guesswork when looking for the best Houston home that would be right for you.

  • https://kinder.rice.edu/sites/default/files/documents/KI%202020%20Houston%20Area%20Survey%20Report_0.pdf
  • https://www.houston.org/living/
  • Median home sale prices were calculated by HAR MLS Geo Market area, HAR MLS Master Planned Community Designation, or HAR MLS subdivision.
  • All median Houston home value information was sourced by the HAR MLS database.
  • *Default median housing price values are from single-family homes, except these neighborhoods (where condos, townhomes and single-family homes are considered due to the fact that there’s an above average of condos/townhomes in these market areas.) These exception neighborhoods include: Braeswood Place, Rice/Museum District, Memorial West, Midtown, Downtown, EaDo, Memorial Close In, and Medical Center.
  • For monthly PITI (principal, interest, taxes and insurance) the following assumptions were used: 20% down payment, 4.2% interest rate, 30 year mortgage, 2.54% effective property tax rate, 0.5% annual insurance cost based on the median sale price, no PMI. Monthly PITI costs were generated, using those assumptions, from http://www.mortgagecalculator.org/
  • For annual appreciation or depreciation salary requirement rates, we did not make any modifications based on the most recent tax reform act. We assumed taxes rates were constant in our calculations between monthly PITI costs and salary requirements.
  • For “can comfortably afford” salary assumptions, we used that 28% of gross income could be used toward monthly PITI costs.
  • Financial planners often say that 25-33% of income can be used toward monthly PITI payments. For qualification purposes underwriters typically defer to their “back end” ratio which includes liabilities on credit reports (all revolving, installment, and mortgage liabilities). For this ratio 36% is normally used in planning and around 43% is around the maximum allowed. Contact your mortgage provider for specifics, or contact me for mortgage provider recommendations.
  • Data is deemed accurate, but is not guaranteed. Information is provided for informational purposes only.
  • If you’d like to see any neighborhoods, master planned communities or subdivisions added to this bi-annually updated watch list, please let me know.

Selected images are from the Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, Carol M. Highsmith Collection.

Other Sources:
1. https://kinder.rice.edu/sites/default/files/documents/KI%202020%20Houston%20Area%20Survey%20Report_0.pdf
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Top-Ranked Realtors: Paige Martin & The Houston Properties Team

Top-Ranked Realtors: Paige Martin & The Houston Properties Team

The Houston Properties Team has a well-defined structure based on the individual strengths of each member. Each member is a specialist in his role – which is why our homes sell faster and for more money than average.

Paige Martin, Broker Associate with Keller Williams Realty, and the Houston Properties Team are ranked amongst the top residential Realtors in the world.

They have been featured on TV and in dozens of publications including: The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, Reuters, Fox News in the Morning, Money Magazine, Houston Business Journal, Houstonia, and Houston Chronicle.

Paige Martin was just ranked as the #5 agent in the world with Keller Williams, and has completed over $500,000,000 in Houston residential real estate sales.

Recent awards include:

  • 2019: Top 25 Residential Realtor in Houston, Houston Business Journal
  • 2018: #5 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Worldwide
  • 2018: #1 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Texas
  • 2018: #1 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Houston
  • 2018: America’s Best Real Estate Agents, RealTrends.com
  • 2018: Top 25 Residential Realtor in Houston, Houston Business Journal
  • 2018: Texas’ Most Influential Realtors
  • 2017: #1 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Texas
  • 2017: #1 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Houston
  • 2017: #10 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Worldwide
  • 2017: America’s Best Real Estate Agents, RealTrends.com
  • 2017: Top 25 Residential Realtor in Houston, Houston Business Journal
  • 2017: Texas’ Most Influential Realtors
  • 2016: #1 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Texas
  • 2016: #1 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Houston
  • 2016: #20 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Worldwide
  • 2016: Texas’ Most Influential Realtors
  • 2016: Top 25 Residential Realtor in Houston, HBJ
  • 2016: Five Star Realtor, Featured in Texas Monthly
  • 2016: America’s Best Real Estate Agents, RealTrends.com
  • 2015: #9 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, United States
  • 2015: #1 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Texas
  • 2015: #1 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Houston
  • 2015: America’s Best Real Estate Agents, RealTrends.com
  • 2015: Top 25 Residential Realtor in Houston, HBJ
  • 2015: Five Star Realtor, Texas Monthly Magazine
  • 2014: America’s Best Real Estate Agents, RealTrends.com
  • 2014: #1 Individual Agent, Keller Williams Memorial

. . . in addition to over 318 additional awards.

Paige also serves a variety of non-profits, civic and community boards and was appointed by Houston’s Mayor to be on the downtown TIRZ board.

Benefits Of Working With The Houston Properties Team

Our Team, composed of distinguished and competent Houston luxury realtors, has a well-defined structure based on the individual strengths of each member.

We find a team approach to be the most effective way to sell homes. We have dedicated people doing staging, marketing, social media, open houses, and showings. Each Houston Properties Team member is a specialist in his role – which is why our homes sell faster and for more money than average.

The benefits of working with a team include:

  • ability to be in two or three places at one time: a member can handle showings, while another answers calls
  • collective time and experience of members
  • targeted advise and marketing of agent expert in your area
  • competitive advantage by simply having more resources, ideas, and more perspectives
  • a “Checks and Balances” system. Selling and buying a home in Houston is an intensely complex process
  • more people addressing field calls and questions from buyers and agents to facilitate a faster successful sale
  • efficient multi-tasking: One agent takes care of inspections and/or repair work, while another agent focuses on administrative details
  • multiple marketing channels using members’ networks
  • constant attention: guaranteed focus on your home and your transaction
  • lower risk for mistakes. Multiple moving parts increase oversights. A team approach handles these “parts” separately
  • flexibility in negotiation and marketing
  • better management of document flow
  • increased foot traffic through more timely and effective showing schedule coordination; and
  • increased Sphere of Influence and exposure to more potential buyers.

To meet all the award-winning members of The Houston Properties Team, please go here.

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- Peter McGillivray & Jillian Jopling- Peter McGillivray & Jillian Jopling
“Paige demonstrated all qualities you want in a realtor – knowledgeable, attentive, responsive, patient. She put us into our first dream home, and due to that experience, we’ve returned to her time and again for our other real estate needs. You will quickly realize after working with Paige that while she focuses on completing your deal, her endgame is to ensure her clients’ needs are preserved and satisfied.

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- Gail & Ian Mackey- Gail & Ian Mackey
“As first time buyers in the US, we are delighted to have worked with Paige. She is a delight to work with, and I would recommend anyone to enlist her help if you’re looking to either buy or sell a property.

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- Dr. Jen Shroff- Dr. Jen Shroff
“Paige is simply the best. She was patient with us throughout the process and took time to answer all of our questions! She knows so much about the housing market so we felt very confident that we were in great hands!

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- Travis LeConey- Travis LeConey
“Paige has helped my wife and I twice now. I couldn’t think of a better person to have in your corner when buying or selling! She guided us through the process, and made it seem so easy that selling/buying was fun! Paige is a great person, very responsive, and great at what she does. I recommend Paige to all my friends and co-workers. If you are buying or selling in the area Paige covers, give her a call. You won’t regret it!

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- Xavier Refunjol- Xavier Refunjol
“Paige is dedicated, thorough and caring to where you feel you’re their only client. Their best asset is their honesty, based on experience and data. We had a great time buying our first home largely because of them. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

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- Taylor Lamb- Taylor Lamb
“Paige was wonderful to work with. She was thorough, knowledgeable and patient. I would highly recommend Paige to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.”

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- Jeremy & Lynn Greene- Jeremy & Lynn Greene
“Paige Martin is the best Realtor. She is highly experienced and very knowledgeable. She made our buying experience an enjoyable one, not only for us, but for our daughter, son-in-law and several of our friends. We have bought and sold many houses, and Paige has been the best realtor we have ever worked with. We highly recommend her.

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- Dr. Forrest Roth, MD- Dr. Forrest Roth, MD
“Paige is the best of the best when it comes to real estate! She has bought & sold many properties for us & we couldn't recommend her more highly!

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- Tina Spiller, Chevron- Tina Spiller, Chevron
“I really enjoyed working with Paige on the sale of my townhome. The HAR listing was perfect and went up quickly and the sale was closed within 30 days. I definitely recommend Paige for any real estate transaction.

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