2022 Guide: Houston’s Most Expensive Neighborhoods

2022 Guide: Houston’s Most Expensive Neighborhoods

See Houston’s top luxury neighborhoods: from affluent River Oaks to exclusive Memorial.

2022 Guide: Houston's Most Expensive Neighborhoods

Despite recent events, many of Houston’s top neighborhoods have been consistently listed among the wealthiest areas in the nation.

Flooding has reshaped the Houston real estate landscape and we’re seeing varying trends on different segments of the housing market. COVID-19 also had an undeniable impact on home sales. The Federal Reserve just announced the largest interest rate hike in 28 years to address inflation.

This year’s list of Houston’s most expensive areas features a lot of familiar names. We have reviewed over 400,000 home sales over the last 10 years to get a list of 2022’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

A few interesting trends stood out. The top luxury neighborhoods are also:

Many of Houston’s most expensive neighborhoods are also, historically, the best performers in real estate appreciation. Contact us for a custom list of homes in these areas and make your Houston real estate investments worth it!

Guide To Houston's Most Expensive Neighborhoods

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Table of Contents

  1. By The Numbers: Sales Trends Within Houston’s Most Exclusive Areas
  2. Cost Of Living In Luxury Neighborhoods?
  3. Expert’s Guide To 20 Most Expensive Neighborhoods In Houston
  4. Bonus: Three More Luxury Houston Neighborhoods
  5. Methodology For Ranking Houston’s Most Expensive Neighborhoods
  6. Meet Paige Martin & Our Houston Luxury Realtors

By The Numbers: Sales Trends Within Houston’s Most Exclusive Areas

By The Numbers: Sales Trends Within Houston's Most Exclusive Areas

We’ve included the summary real estate statistics for Houston’s Most Expensive Neighborhoods. Please contact us for more data or an analysis of which areas may be best for you.

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
River Oaks $2,487,985 $549 57%
Piney Point $2,780,000 $442 45%
Hunters Creek $2,050,000 $407 39%
The Woodlands: Carlton Woods $2,157,450 $329 27%
Crestwood / Glen Cove $2,200,000 $382 54%
Memorial Close In $1,310,000 $288 19%
Southside Place $3,400,000 $489 161%
Bunker Hill $2,236,000 $409 61%
Memorial Villages $1,764,000 $389 39%
Tanglewood $1,905,000 $360 47%
Hedwig Village $1,849,000 $388 29%
Memorial Park $1,645,000 $371 21%
West University $1,545,000 $426 56%
Southampton $1,374,500 $493 47%
Boulevard Oaks $1,320,000 $379 81%
Highland Village / Midlane $1,074,500 $320 40%
Rice / Museum District $838,817 $322 24%
Royden / Afton Oaks $810,000 $350 17%
The Woodlands: East Shore $829,500 $284 -8%
Braeswood Place $832,450 $276 49%
Bellaire $1,069,100 $273 27%
Briargrove $967,500 $350 39%
River Oaks Shopping Area $829,900 $285 31%

Cost Of Living In Luxury Neighborhoods?

Cost Of Living In Luxury Neighborhoods?

Curious about how much annual income is needed to buy a home within Houston’s top neighborhoods? Contact us at [email protected] for a full report.

Neighborhood Median Home Price Estimated Salary* 1-Yr Apprec. %
River Oaks $2,487,985 585,000 5.2%
Piney Point $2,780,000 629,000 14.9%
Hunters Creek $2,050,000 460,000 11.8%
The Woodlands: Carlton Woods $2,157,450 505,000 20.9%
Crestwood / Glen Cove $2,200,000 509,000 24.6%
Memorial Close In $1,310,000 317,000 -37.9%
Southside Place $3,400,000 776,000 78.2%
Bunker Hill $2,236,000 505,000 11.8%
Memorial Villages $1,764,000 400,000 5.3%
Tanglewood $1,905,000 447,000 10.4%
Hedwig Village $1,849,000 424,000 15.6%
Memorial Park $1,645,000 395,000 20.3%
West University $1,545,000 351,000 10.8%
Southampton $1,374,500 316,000 -13.5%
Boulevard Oaks $1,320,000 304,000 -3.3%
Highland Village / Midlane $1,074,500 251,000 -2.2%
Rice / Museum District $838,817 194,000 -4.1%
Royden / Afton Oaks $810,000 189,000 -25.7%
The Woodlands: East Shore $829,500 202,000 3.3%
Braeswood Place $832,450 202,000 -4.5%
Bellaire $1,069,100 247,000 13.7%
Briargrove $967,500 227,000 1.8%
River Oaks Shopping Area $829,900 192,000 7.8%

To help answer the question “where can I afford to live in Houston?”, we analyzed median home prices for 52 top neighborhoods and estimated salary requirements to live in each. Go here for the full report.

Expert’s Guide To 20 Most Expensive Neighborhoods In Houston

Expert's Guide To 20 Most Expensive Neighborhoods In Houston

Buying or selling a home within the best neighborhoods in Houston can be very tricky. With over $500M real estate sales, the Houston Properties Team is the #1 Boutique Real Estate Team in Houston.

1. River Oaks

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
River Oaks $2,487,985 $549 57%

River Oaks Map

Located in the corner inner loop, River Oaks is a true enclave of luxury and prestige. With an estimated home price of $523 per square foot, it is considered as one of the Most Expensive Houston Neighborhoods.

Some of the features River Oaks takes pride in include:
EXCLUSIVITY: The neighborhood houses only just about 7,700 residents within the stretch of 1,100 acres. River Oaks is a high-class community with a median sale price of $2.5 million.

LUXURY SHOPPING EXPERIENCE: River Oaks is the home of many retail and entertainment venues, from the Highland Village to the River Oaks Shopping Center. It also has in its neighborhood The River Oaks Country Club where swimming and playing golf are possible.

NOSTALGIC OLD-WORLD CHARM: River Oaks is a mix of structures, from traditional 1920s and 1930s homes and mansions to townhomes and luxury condos. The neighborhood exudes this old-world charm that transports you back in history with its stately manors and tree-lined streets.

Map of River Oaks

River Oaks Real Estate Trends

2. Piney Point

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
Piney Point $2,780,000 $442 45%

Piney Point Map


Opulence and luxury are staples in Piney Point real estate. Elegant mansions and vintage homes nestled within wooded lots make up most of the independent city.

MOST EXPENSIVE REAL ESTATE: Some of Houston’s Most Expensive Real Estate is located in Piney Point Village, with prices starting at around $1,000,000. Vintage homes and luxury custom-built estates nestled within sprawling lots show off the city’s elegant affluence.

LARGE LOTS AND MATURE TREES: Piney Point Village (and nearby Hunters Creek) features much larger lots than other Houston-area neighborhoods of note, including River Oaks, West University Place, and Tanglewood. Lot sizes in the city range from half-acre to more than 160,000 square feet. Mature trees commonly adorn Piney Point real estate. The city’s Urban Forester and tree ordinance help maintain the area’s greenery.

THE MEMORIAL VILLAGES AND THE 77024 ZIP CODE: Nestled within 77024 (one of Forbes’ “America’s Most Expensive ZIP Codes”), the Memorial Villages is a group of upscale residential neighborhoods. Collectively, the Villages features some of the best performing real estate in Houston, based on Land Value Appreciation.

INDEPENDENT CITY: Deed-restricted and independent, Piney Point features a residential, country-living vibe. Incorporated in 1955, the city has an alderman form of government and shares police and fire departments with the other Villages.

EXCELLENT NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOLS: Three National Blue Ribbon Schools (namely Memorial Drive Elementary, Spring Branch Middle School, and Memorial High School) serve the city. Schools in the Memorial Villages are among the most highly regarded in the Greater Houston area. The Kinkaid School, a prestigious prep school, is located within the city’s borders.

Buying or selling a home in Piney Point Village can be intimidating. Like most Memorial Villages real estate, inventories are low and prices tend to start at around $1,000,000. Some properties sell at a higher premium than others. For help in navigating this challenging market, contact Paige Martin, one of Houston’s Best Realtors and one of Piney Point Village’s most active real estate agents.


Map of Piney Point

Piney Point Real Estate Trends

3. Hunters Creek

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
Hunters Creek $2,050,000 $407 39%

Hunters Creek Map

Map of Hunters Creek

Hunters Creek Real Estate Trends

4. Carlton Woods (The Woodlands)

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
The Woodlands: Carlton Woods $2,157,450 $329 27%

The Woodlands Map

Located 28 miles north of Houston, The Woodlands is one of Houston’s Best Suburbs. It is home to major employers like Chevron, JP Morgan, and ExxonMobil.

The Woodlands is known for its:

  • TOP-RATED SCHOOLS: The Woodlands is zoned to Conroe, Klein, Magnolia, Spring, and Tomball ISDs. They have several schools with high ratings.
  • EXPANSIVE GREEN SPACE: 103 parks, over 200 miles of trails, and three golf courses offer exciting and varied outdoor activities.
  • NOTABLE COMMUNITIES: The Woodlands has enviable communities. Amenities include resort-style pools, Mercer Arboretum, playground, and grand rooms for events.
  • RETAIL AND ENTERTAINMENT: The neighborhood provides easy access to around 200 restaurants, cafés, and bars. Residents shop at The Woodlands Mall, Market Street, Portofino Shopping Center, H-E-B, and The Woodlands Town Center.

The Woodlands residents enjoy 1,700-acre nature preserve and several lakes and ponds.

Map of The Woodlands

The Woodlands: Carlton Woods Real Estate Trends

5. Crestwood / Glen Cove

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
Crestwood / Glen Cove $2,200,000 $382 54%

Crestwood / Glen Cove Map

The Crestwood/ Glen Cove area is one of Houston’s top luxury neighborhoods. This affluent community is located just east of Memorial Park.

The Crestwood/Glen Cove is popular for its:

  • EXCLUSIVITY: Crestwood/Glen Cove real estate is among the most expensive in Houston. It exhibits strong appreciation rates every year.
  • EXCELLENT LOCATION: As one of the Inner Loop neighborhoods, the area boasts a prime location. Residents enjoy a good commute to Galleria, Downtown, Texas Medical Center, and Energy Corridor.
  • HIGH-RATED SCHOOL: Crestwood/Glen Cove is zoned to Houston ISD. Lamar High School is one of the best schools that serve the area.
  • MEMORIAL PARK: This urban park features the top-rated Memorial Park Golf Course as its key feature. Other areas of interest are the Seymour Lieberman Exercise Trail and the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center.

The area enjoys large lot sizes compared to the standards in Houston. The average lot size ranges from 7,500 to 9,000 square feet.

Map of Crestwood / Glen Cove

Crestwood / Glen Cove Real Estate Trends

6. Memorial Close-In

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
Memorial Close In $1,310,000 $288 19%

Memorial Close In Map

Map of Memorial Close In

Memorial Close In Real Estate Trends

7. Southside Place

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
Southside Place $3,400,000 $489 161%

Southside Place Map

Map of Southside Place

Southside Place Real Estate Trends

8. Bunker Hill

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
Bunker Hill $2,236,000 $409 61%

Bunker Hill Map

Bunker Hill Village sits at the westernmost part of the Memorial Villages, adjacent to Piney Point to the east and Hedwig to the north. The city’s spacious luxury properties range from 15,000 sqft. to 50,000 sqft.

The area offers:

  • EXCLUSIVITY: The deed-restricted neighborhood is among Memorial Villages‘ six upscale independent cities. It has fire and police departments, which are shared with the nearby areas.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Bunker Hill’s main roads, like Memorial Drive and Gessner Road, go through the neighborhood. The Energy Corridor is only 6 miles west of the city, providing excellent access to various retail spots.
  • OUTDOOR AMENITIES: Bunker Hill Village boasts several open-air recreational amenities. The Houston Arboretum and Nature Center, along with several miles of trails and picnic areas within the Memorial Park, is only a couple of miles away.
  • TOP-RATED SCHOOLS: The city is zoned to the highly-regarded Spring Branch ISD and is home to two National Blue Ribbon schools: Bunker Hill Elementary and Frostwood Elementary.

Bunker Hill Village can be tricky due to the city’s deed restrictions and low inventories. Homes in the area often sell at a premium, whereas older homes and raw lots sell for minimum rates.

To get personal advice on buying or selling a Bunker Hill home, contact Paige Martin, one of Houston’s best realtors and top-ranked Realtors in the United States.

Map of Bunker Hill

Bunker Hill Real Estate Trends

9. Memorial Villages

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
Memorial Villages $1,764,000 $389 39%

Memorial Villages Map

The Memorial Villages is a collection of six independent villages: Hunters CreekPiney PointHedwigBunker Hill, Spring Valley, and Hilshire and are are consistently ranked at or near the top of Houston’s Most Expensive Neighborhoods

Memorial Villages homes are popular for their:

  • TOP RANKINGS: Forbes, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal have included this area in their rankings: “Best Places To Live,” “Top Places to Live Well,” “The (Multi) Millionaire’s Haven.”
  • EXCELLENT SCHOOLS: According to Houston’s Best Schools, some Memorial Village homes are zoned to some of the top ranked public schools in the United States.
  • LARGE LOTS WITH GREAT TREES: Homes in the Memorial Villages have larger lots, on average, than other luxury neighborhoods like River Oaks, Tanglewood or West University.
  • SECURITY: Many of the neighborhoods have their own police forces which they say have “One of the best crime safety records in all of Houston.”

Map of Memorial Villages

Memorial Villages Real Estate Trends

10. Tanglewood

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
Tanglewood $1,905,000 $360 47%

Tanglewood Map

Tanglewood is an affluent neighborhood located just outside Loop 610. The community features exclusive community living, accessibility, and notable schools.

Tanglewood is famous for its:

  • EXCELLENT LOCATION: Ideally situated near the Uptown area and the Galleria, the neighborhood offers proximity to business and retail districts in Houston.
  • GOOD COMMUTE: Located west of Downtown Houston and north of Galleria/Uptown area, the neighborhood features easy commute to major roadways including the San Felipe Street, Memorial Drive, Loop 610, and Katy Freeway.
  • UPSCALE ENTERTAINMENT AND RETAIL: Tanglewood residents are only minutes away from exceptional restaurants and dining areas, boutiques, and bars. The 1,500-acre Memorial Park is just a few blocks away from the community.
  • TOP-RATED SCHOOLS: Zoned to Houston ISD, the neighborhood students may attend the Briargrove Elementary, an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School that serves the community.

Tanglewood is a wooded community in Houston featuring ranch-style homes, oak trees around the neighborhood, and exclusivity.

Map of Tanglewood

Tanglewood Real Estate Trends

11. Hedwig Village

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
Hedwig Village $1,849,000 $388 29%

Hedwig Village Map

Situated along the Katy Freeway and west of Downtown Houston, the upscale neighborhood of Hedwig Village features exclusivity, notable schools, and excellent community entertainments.

The Hedwig Village remained popular thanks to its:

  • ACCESSIBILITY: Situated along the Katy Freeway, the community is just north of Bunker Hill and the Piney Point Villages, and west of the Hunters Creek. With proximity to other Inner Loop and the Energy Corridor, many businesses, entertainments, and shopping areas are easily accessible from the community.
  • HIGHLY-RATED SCHOOLS: Hedwig Village is zoned to Spring Branch Independent School District, where the neighborhood students can attend two of the National Blue Ribbon Schools, that is the Spring Branch Middle School and Memorial High School
  • LUXURIOUS HOMES: The community features single-family homes in many architectural styles, from ranch styles to new custom-built ones.
  • NEAR SHOPPING AND DINING AREAS: The Hedwig Village community, unlike other communities, allows businesses within its neighborhood. Shopping and dining are only a few minutes away from residents’ homes.

One of the Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Houston, the Hedwig Village is the only independent city among the Memorial Villages that has a commercial sector.

Map of Hedwig Village

Hedwig Village Real Estate Trends

12. Memorial Park

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
Memorial Park $1,645,000 $371 21%

Memorial Park Map

The Memorial Park Area is one of the most renowned neighborhoods within the Inner Loop. It is located south of I-10 and east of Loop 610. Its many features and amenities include:

  • MEMORIAL PARK GOLF COURSE AND OTHER SPORTS FACILITIES: The John Bredemus-designed course with a 73-course rating and a 122 slope rating was first opened in the 1920s. It now welcomes more than 60,000 visitors annually. Aside from golf, residents can also enjoy playing tennis, croquet, volleyball, flag football, and baseball, to name a few. The Fitness Center offers indoor swimming and exercise equipment.
  • OUTDOOR RECREATION: Most Memorial Park neighborhoods can easily access the many trails in the area including the Seymour Lieberman Exertrail, the Picnic Loop as well as other parks along the bayou through The Buffalo Bayou and Beyond initiative.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Residents have easy access to main roads such as I-10, Memorial Drive, Loop 610, Washington Avenue, and Allen Parkway. Downtown Houston is only 4 miles away, while the Galleria is less than 5 miles away.
  • EXCLUSIVITY: Some of Houston’s most expensive real estate can be found in the neighborhoods of Glen Clove and Crestwood with median sale prices of over $1,500,000. The upscale Houston gated community of Caceres is also just a few minutes from Memorial Park.

Buying or selling a home in this area might feel overwhelming because of its many neighborhoods, communities, and residential buildings. Depending on your long-term goals, the deed restrictions in the Crestwood and Glen Clove neighborhoods might be beneficial or problematic. There are a few older homes that need to be updated while some homes are located near freeways and main roads.

Map of Memorial Park

Memorial Park Real Estate Trends

13. West University

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
West University $1,545,000 $426 56%

West University Map

Covering a total area of 2 square miles, West University Place is a “city within a city”, subdivided into 26 sections called blocks. It has Bellaire to the west, Southside Place to the south, and Houston to the east and north. It was also once named the “Number One Best City to Live In” by USA Today.

West University is known for its:

  • Security: The area has one of the lowest crime rates in Houston. The West University Police Department watches over their communities’ residents and their properties.
  • Community: Facilities such as libraries, recreation centers, and parks make for one of Houston’s most accessible communities.
  • Central Location: West University enjoys close proximity to Rice University, Texas Medical Center, the Galleria, Downtown Houston, and the Museum District.
  • Real Estate Appreciation Rates: Home prices are well over $1M, with one of the highest 10-year land value appreciation rates in Houston.

West University also goes by “The Neighborhood City” because of the above qualities, in addition to its family-friendly subdivisions. The neighborhood exudes a small-town look and feel that makes West University homes for sale highly desired.

Map of West University

West University Real Estate Trends

14. Southampton

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
Southampton $1,374,500 $493 47%

Southampton Map

Flooding Info: Southern Southampton is more susceptible to flooding than Northern Southampton, according to the Southampton Civic Club.

Located 5 miles southwest of Downtown Houston and north of Rice University, Southampton is an upscale neighborhood featuring luxury homes and vintage bungalows.

Southampton is one of Houston’s most expensive neighborhoods and one of the 14 Hottest Inner Loop Neighborhoods in real estate appreciation.

Established in 1923, the community consists of 626 upscale, single-family home sites protected by strict deed restrictions and architectural guidelines, thanks to an active civic club aimed at maintaining the identity and integrity of the neighborhood.

Security is one of the neighborhood’s prime selling points. The Southampton / BOCA Patrol, which consists of off-duty Houston PD officers, patrol the area 24 hours a day in marked police cars. Three prestigious International Baccalaureate World Schools serve Southampton: Poe Elementary School, Lanier Middle School, and Lamar High School.

Map of Southampton

Southampton Real Estate Trends

15. Boulevard Oaks

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
Boulevard Oaks $1,320,000 $379 81%

Boulevard Oaks Map

Located near Rice University and approximately four miles southwest of Downtown, Boulevard Oaks is an affluent neighborhood that is among the oldest and most diverse in Houston.

The neighborhood is known for its:

  • OLD-WORLD CHARM: Made up of 21 distinct subdivisions, Boulevard Oaks lets residents enjoy its peaceful old-world charm with its divided, tree-lined streets, wide setbacks, generous lots, and well-kept grounds. The various communities have deed restrictions in place to help maintain the neighborhood’s look and atmosphere.
  • SECURITY: The neighborhood is served by private security officers from the Houston Police and Harris County who patrol the area 24 hours a day.
  • ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNS: Homes in Boulevard Oaks feature a wide array of architectural designs and the neighborhood is well-known as the site of The Boulevard Oaks Historic District, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • TOP-RANKED SCHOOLS: Schools serving Boulevard Oaks are some of the top-ranked schools in Houston. They are under the jurisdiction of the Houston Independent School District which is the largest school district in Texas.

With a median sales of over $1,000,000, featuring some of Houston’s most expensive homes, Boulevard Oaks tight-knit community works to preserve the area’s timeless charm by restoring older homes and upgrading them with modern features.

Map of Boulevard Oaks

Boulevard Oaks Real Estate Trends

16. Highland Village / Midlane

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
Highland Village / Midlane $1,074,500 $320 40%

Highland Village / Midlane Map

Highland Village is a small neighborhood located near the Galleria/Uptown area and River Oaks. Due to its central location, Highland Village homes are highly sought after.

Highland Village is known for its:

  • Rising Land Values: Land value appreciation in this neighborhood is among the best in Houston. Its HOA (Highland Village Civic Club) has helped maintain an exciting yet private atmosphere, further adding to its exclusivity and appeal.
  • Top Schools: Students are able to attend Lamar High, Lanier Middle, and St. George Place Elementary School. These are among Inner Loop’s best schools.
  • Close Proximity to Business: Residents are minutes away from the Galleria/Uptown area and Upper Kirby/Greenway Plaza. Downtown Houston and the Texas Medical Center are also easily accessible from the neighborhood.
  • Luxury Retail and Shopping: Highland Village homes are mere blocks away from the Highland Village Shopping Center. The shopping center is home to more than 60 luxury boutiques, dining, and entertainment options.

Highland Village is deed-restricted, allowing for residents to enjoy a consistent look and feel in the village. Luxury homes are typically well maintained with manicured lots.

Map of Highland Village / Midlane

Highland Village / Midlane Real Estate Trends

17. Museum District

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
Rice / Museum District $838,817 $322 24%

Rice / Museum District Map

Vibrant and highly accessible, the Museum District is one of Houston’s premier cultural and art centers. It is located just north of the Texas Medical Center. The district’s appeal stems from several factors, including:

  • CULTURE AND ARTS CENTERS: True to its name, the Museum District is home to 19 culture, arts, and scientific institutions. It has the second largest number of museums in a contiguous area in the US.
  • ACCESSIBLE LOCATION AND EASY COMMUTE: The district is nestled between two major employment centers and allows easy access to I-45 and Highway 59. The MetroRAIL Red Line has three stops within the Museum District.
  • LUXURY CONDO LIVING: The Museum District has both established landmarks like the Warwick Towers and 1400 Hermann as well as newer condos like Oaks on Caroline and Museum Flats. Amenities may include private balconies, valet and concierge services, and reserved parking.

Aside from its lively arts and culture scene, the Museum District also offers a lot of outdoor entertainment and recreation options in Hermann Park. This includes the Houston Zoo, the Houston Garden Center, and a golf course.

Map of Rice / Museum District

Rice / Museum District Real Estate Trends

18. Afton Oaks

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
Royden / Afton Oaks $810,000 $350 17%

Royden / Afton Oaks Map

The Royden/Afton Oaks area comprises two upscale deed-restricted communities nestled east of Loop 610 and north of Southwest Freeway. The Royden Oaks area, in particular, is right next to the River Oaks neighborhood.

The Royden/Afton Oaks neighborhoods are known for their:

  • SHORT COMMUTE TO KEY NEIGHBORHOODS: Afton Oaks is only a 6-minute drive away from Uptown District, home to over 2,000 businesses. Aside from that, it is also close to other upscale neighborhoods such as River Oaks District and Highland Village.
  • PROXIMITY TO HOUSTON’S BEST RETAIL: Afton Oaks is just across The Galleria, which has over 350 retail stores and establishments.
  • WELL-MAINTAINED COMMUNITY: The Afton Oaks Civic Club handles common area maintenance, deed restriction enforcement, and other services like the additional security. This allows residents to have pleasant and tranquil surroundings.
  • EXCLUSIVITY: The Afton Oaks Neighborhood is among the most expensive properties in Houston. This is mostly because of its convenient location, accessibility, and atmosphere.

The Royden/Afton Oaks area has approximately 700 homes. These neighborhoods are largely residential, featuring single-family homes with generous lot sizes between 8,000 to 10,000 square feet.

Map of Royden / Afton Oaks

Royden / Afton Oaks Real Estate Trends

19. East Shore / The Woodlands

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
The Woodlands: East Shore $829,500 $284 -8%

The Woodlands: East Shore Map

The prestigious East Shore is also known as The Woodlands Garden District. It is strategically located near Woodland’s Town Center and has a spectacular view of Lake Woodlands.

East Shore residents enjoy:

  • EXCLUSIVITY: This gated community is one of the Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Houston. Distinguished builders like Connor Davis and Taylor Morrison worked on East Shore homes.
  • CONVENIENT ACCESS: Nearby Woodland’s Town Center is home to an array of hotels, shops, dining establishments, and entertainment venues.
  • UPSCALE AMENITIES: The East Shore Clubhouse has a resort-style pool, an outdoor kitchen with a nearby gazebo, a terrace garden, and multi-purpose rooms. Residents also have direct access to Lake Woodlands.
  • LUSH LANDSCAPES: The neighborhood offers the opportunity for athletic and leisure activities. Green spaces and pocket parks are well-placed throughout East Shore, and there are also 12 parks nearby. Trails along the lakeshore connect East Shore parks.

Homes in East Shore are zoned to Conroe ISD. Residents can enroll in top-ranked schools like Woodlands College Park High and Knox Junior High.

Map of The Woodlands: East Shore

The Woodlands: East Shore Real Estate Trends

20. Braeswood Place

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
Braeswood Place $832,450 $276 49%

Braeswood Place Map

Braeswood Place is located 6 miles from Downtown Houston. Homes in the neighborhood sit on large lots, ranging from 7,000 to more than 20,000 square feet.

Residents enjoy:

  • PROXIMITY TO THE MED CENTER: Braeswood is minutes away from the Texas Medical Center, one of Houston’s leading employment centers. It is home to several medical-related institutions, organizations, schools, and hospitals.
  • EXCELLENT ACCESSIBILITY: Braeswood has immediate access to and from multiple Houston hubs like the Galleria and Downtown. Loop 610, Buffalo Speedway, Braeswood Boulevard, and Main Street are only minutes away.
  • TOP-RATED SCHOOLS: Braeswood is zoned to some of Houston ISD’s best schools, including Twain Elementary, Pershing Middle School, Bellaire High School, and Lamar High School.
  • MULTIPLE PARKS: Braeswood is home to several parks and outdoor entertainment areas. Hermann Park, located just a short drive away, offers more options.

Due to the neighborhood’s deed restrictions, Braeswood Place is mainly made up of detached single-family homes. Some townhomes in the area feature smaller floor areas, around 1,500 to 2,000 square feet.

Map of Braeswood Place

Braeswood Place Real Estate Trends

Bonus: Three More Luxury Houston Neighborhoods

Bonus: Three More Luxury Houston Neighborhoods

Over the last 10 years, many of Houston’s top neighborhoods have been consistently listed among the wealthiest in the nation.

21. Bellaire

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
Bellaire $1,069,100 $273 27%

Bellaire Map

Bellaire, one of Houston’s most popular neighborhoods, features a small-town vibe that blends nicely with its easy access to big city comforts. Located south of the Southwest Fwy, West Loop South runs through the city and leads to Uptown Houston, making it a popular bedroom community.

Bellaire is very popular for its:

Bellaire’s neighborhood can be tricky to navigate given the area’s different school zoning maps, proximity to railroad tracks, being on a major thoroughfare, and diversity of builders.

Map of Bellaire

Bellaire Real Estate Trends

22. Briargrove

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
Briargrove $967,500 $350 39%

Briargrove Map

Briagrove Housing Community

If you are looking for quiet, spacious, and quality single housing residential, Briargrove Housingwith 900 properties is best for you. With its location found at 6267 Burgoyne Road Houston, TX 77057, it gives off many features, including the 7,000- 10,000 square feet of space, and can access the following infrastructure:

Briargrove Housing Amenities:

The Briargrove Housing offers a pool, tennis court, and playground as amenities for people who are residents of the area. With different volunteers that ensure the beauty and quality of the area, it is to ensure that the resident is clean, safe, and in order. It also provides 24/7 security to preserve the family-friendly vibe of the community.


Briagrove, located at the heart of West Houston, has access to different enterprises. These are:

Golf Course

Hermann Park Golf Corse. The seven times a week open public golf course.

Indoor Activities

Outdoor Area Activities

Business access:

With its location, as being near The Galleria it has easy access to different roads, such as Westheimer and Woodway, and others, as it is surrounded by almost 700 business establishment that will help you and your family’s daily needs. From restaurants, grocery centers, and even a mall, Briagrove is surrounded by the following which is helpful.

Retail Store

  • Kroger
  • Trader’s Joe
  • Whole Foods Market
  • H-E-B
  • Rice Epicurean Market
  • Randalls
  • Sunny Food’s Store
  • Almadina International Supermarket
  • Alarabi Super Market
  • Meca Halal Meet and Supermarket

Dining & Restaurant

  • The Buffalo Grill
  • Café Adel
  • Del Vista Local Bar & Grill
  • Arturo Boada Cuisine
  • Al Hawi Grill
  • Mezza Grille
  • Palazzo’s
  • BB” S Tex Orleans
  • Pappas Burger
  • Barnaby’s Cafe
  • Cobo Bob’s
  • Biryani Pot


Being near usiness-centered area, Briagrove can also offer a high employability rate. The proof is the area’s business center capital, the Galleria.. It is 2.3 miles away from the area with 10 minutes of commuting time. It has almost 2,000 companies with approximately 55,000 employed. It is remarkably known because of the significant number of businesses in this area.

This wooded ranch-style house makes it unique and refreshing. Like other housing villages, Briargrove continually improved its housing models to keep up with modernization while staying with the community’s housing theme.

The nearest school that can be located in the Briargrove Elementary School. A *public school* in Houston with around 806 total enrollees. .

With a house value of $617 – $1682, this community is best for you and your family. It has a great strategic location and has an easy access for everything you need.

Map of Briargrove

Briargrove Real Estate Trends

23. River Oaks Shopping Area

Neighborhood Median Home Price Home Price / Sq Ft 10-Yr Apprec. %
River Oaks Shopping Area $829,900 $285 31%

River Oaks Shopping Area Map

River Oaks Shopping Area is nestled between the luxurious neighborhood of River Oaks and the vibrant community of Montrose. Rice Military borders the north side, while Upper Kirby is on the southwest of the neighborhood.

The district is highly in-demand thanks to its:

  • Excellent Location: Centrally located within the Inner Loop, River Oaks Shopping Area has easy access to all major job centers, including Downtown, Galleria, and The Medical Center. Along with the Highland Village, boutiques and restaurants in Westheimer and San Felipe are minutes away.
  • Shopping, Dining, & Entertainment: With the River Oaks Shopping Center at its heart, the area boasts convenient access to retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The River Oaks Theater is one of the shopping center’s most defining markers.
  • Top-ranked Schools: The neighborhood boasts access to River Oaks Elementary and premier private schools. It is zoned to IB World Schools, including Lanier Middle and Lamar High.
  • Parks & Recreation: Located in the heart of Buffalo Bayou, the River Oaks Shopping Area allows residents to enjoy the various hiking, walking, and bike trails in the vicinity. The River Oaks Country Club is approximately one mile away from the neighborhood.

River Oaks Shopping Area stands nearby major thoroughfares, including Katy Freeway (I-10), Loop 610, and Southwest Freeway (US 59).

Map of River Oaks Shopping Area

River Oaks Shopping Area Real Estate Trends

Methodology For Ranking Houston’s Most Expensive Neighborhoods

Methodology For Ranking Houston's Most Expensive Neighborhoods

There is an overwhelming amount of information out there about the most luxurious homes and neighborhoods in Houston. Get the advice of our luxury realtors – we care more.

A project of The Houston Properties Team, the list of “20 Most Expensive Houston Neighborhoods” is updated twice a year.

  • Median home sale prices are based on single-family home sales.
  • Median land value prices are based on both homes sold at lot value and lot sales.
  • To qualify for this list, the neighborhood must have at least 15 home sales in the past year.
  • Ten-year appreciation rates compare 2010 to 2020 and are based on the median sales price.
  • All median Houston home sale information was sourced by the HAR MLS database.
  • Data is deemed accurate but is not guaranteed. Information is provided for informational purposes only.
  • If you’d like to see any neighborhoods, master-planned communities or subdivisions added to this bi-annually updated watch list, please let us know.

Meet Paige Martin & Our Houston Luxury Realtors

Meet Paige Martin & Our Houston Luxury Realtors

The Houston Properties Team has a well-defined structure based on the individual strengths of each member. Each member is a specialist in their role – which is why our homes sell faster and for more money than average.

Paige Martin, Broker Associate with Keller Williams Realty, and the Houston Properties Team are ranked among the top residential Realtors in the world.

They have been featured on TV and in dozens of publications including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, Reuters, Fox News in the Morning, Money Magazine, Houston Business Journal, Houstonia, and Houston Chronicle.

Paige Martin was just ranked as the #5 agent in the world with Keller Williams, completing over $1 Billion in Houston residential real estate sales.

Houston Properties Team awards

Recent awards include:

– 2022: #1 Residential Real Estate Team by Sales Volume, Houston Business Journal
– 2021: Best Real Estate Teams in America, RealTrends.com
– 2021: Top 100 Women Leaders in Real Estate of 2021
– 2021: America’s Top 100 Real Estate Agents
– 2021: Top Real Estate Team (Houston Properties Team), Houston Business Journal
– 2021: Best Houston Real Estate Team, Best of Reader’s Choice
– 2021: Top Real Estate Team (Houston Properties Team), Houston Business Journal
– 2021: #1 Real Estate Team, Keller Williams Memorial
– 2020: America’s Best Real Estate Teams, Best of America Trends
– 2020: Best Houston Real Estate Team, Best of Reader’s Choice
– 2020: Top Real Estate Team (Houston Properties Team), Houston Business Journal
– 2020: #6 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Worldwide
– 2020: #1 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Texas (Top Keller Williams Realtor)
– 2020: #1 Real Estate Team, Keller Williams Memorial
– 2019: Top Residential Realtors in Houston, Houston Business Journal
– 2019: America’s Best Real Estate Agents, RealTrends.com
– 2019: #5 Individual Agent, KW Worldwide
– 2019: #1 Individual Agent, KW Texas
– 2018: #5 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Worldwide
– 2018: #1 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Texas
– 2018: #1 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Houston
– 2018: America’s Best Real Estate Agents, RealTrends.com
– 2018: Top 25 Residential Realtors in Houston, Houston Business Journal
– 2018: Texas’ Most Influential Realtors
– 2017: #1 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Texas
– 2017: #1 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Houston
– 2017: #10 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Worldwide
– 2017: America’s Best Real Estate Agents, RealTrends.com
– 2017: Top 25 Residential Realtors in Houston, Houston Business Journal
– 2017: Texas’ Most Influential Realtors
– 2016: #1 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Texas
– 2016: #1 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Houston
– 2016: #20 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Worldwide
– 2016: Texas’ Most Influential Realtors
– 2016: Top 25 Residential Realtors in Houston, HBJ
– 2016: Five Star Realtor, Featured in Texas Monthly
– 2016: America’s Best Real Estate Agents, RealTrends.com
– 2015: #9 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, United States
– 2015: #1 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Texas
– 2015: #1 Individual Agent, Keller Williams, Houston
– 2015: America’s Best Real Estate Agents, RealTrends.com
– 2015: Top 25 Residential Realtors in Houston, HBJ
– 2015: Five Star Realtor, Texas Monthly Magazine
– 2014: America’s Best Real Estate Agents, RealTrends.com
– 2014: #1 Individual Agent, Keller Williams Memorial

…in addition to over 318 additional awards.

Paige also serves a variety of non-profits, and civic and community boards. She was appointed by the mayor of Houston to be on the downtown TIRZ board.

Benefits Of Working With The Houston Properties Team

best realtors in Houston

Our team, composed of distinguished and competent Houston luxury realtors, has a well-defined structure based on the individual strengths of each member.

We find the team approach as the most effective way to sell homes. We have dedicated people doing staging, marketing, social media, open houses, and showings. Each Houston Properties Team member is a specialist in their role—which is why our homes sell faster and for more money than average.

The benefits of working with a team include:

  • the ability to be in two or three places at one time; a member can handle showings, while another answer calls
  • collective time and experience of members
  • targeted advice and marketing of agent expert in your area
  • competitive advantage by simply having more resources, more ideas, and more perspectives
  • a “checks and balances” system; selling and buying a home in Houston is an intensely complex process
  • more people addressing field calls and questions from buyers and agents to facilitate a faster, successful sale
  • efficient multi-tasking; one agent takes care of inspections and repair work, while another agent focuses on administrative details
  • multiple marketing channels using members’ networks
  • constant attention: guaranteed focus on your home and your transaction
  • lower risk for mistakes. Multiple moving parts increase oversights. A team approach handles these “parts” separately
  • flexibility in negotiation and marketing
  • better management of document flow
  • increased foot traffic through more timely and effective showing schedule coordination; and
  • increased sphere of influence and exposure to more potential buyers.

To meet all the award-winning members of the Houston Properties Team, please go here.

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Paige Martin

Our Recent Awards

Why We’re Different

  • #1 Keller Williams Realtor in Houston
  • #1 Keller Williams Realtor in Texas
  • #6 Keller Williams Realtor in the U.S.
  • "One of Houston's Top 25 Realtors," Houston
    Business Journal
  • "One of America's Best Realtors," RealTrends.com / WSJ
  • Over $1 Billion in Houston residential home sales
  • We know this market, and this property.
  • We're candid.
  • We'll tell you the "bad' and the "ugly" about any property we show you.
  • Most often, we talk our clients into NOT BUYING.
- Gretchen & Brad Richter- Gretchen & Brad Richter
“We relocated to Texas from out of state 3 years ago, and Paige’s intimate knowledge of Houston neighborhoods, valuations, trends, and pitfalls was simply unmatched. We would never have been able to find our perfect home without her. She was calm and focused when everything seemed most challenging — a true professional and advocate who has become a dear friend. We are grateful to have met her!

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- Peter McGillivray & Jillian Jopling- Peter McGillivray & Jillian Jopling
“Paige demonstrated all qualities you want in a realtor – knowledgeable, attentive, responsive, patient. She put us into our first dream home, and due to that experience, we’ve returned to her time and again for our other real estate needs. You will quickly realize after working with Paige that while she focuses on completing your deal, her endgame is to ensure her clients’ needs are preserved and satisfied.

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- Gail & Ian Mackey- Gail & Ian Mackey
“As first time buyers in the US, we are delighted to have worked with Paige. She is a delight to work with, and I would recommend anyone to enlist her help if you’re looking to either buy or sell a property.

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- Dr. Jen Shroff- Dr. Jen Shroff
“Paige is simply the best. She was patient with us throughout the process and took time to answer all of our questions! She knows so much about the housing market so we felt very confident that we were in great hands!

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- Travis LeConey- Travis LeConey
“Paige has helped my wife and I twice now. I couldn’t think of a better person to have in your corner when buying or selling! She guided us through the process, and made it seem so easy that selling/buying was fun! Paige is a great person, very responsive, and great at what she does. I recommend Paige to all my friends and co-workers. If you are buying or selling in the area Paige covers, give her a call. You won’t regret it!

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- Xavier Refunjol- Xavier Refunjol
“Paige is dedicated, thorough and caring to where you feel you’re their only client. Their best asset is their honesty, based on experience and data. We had a great time buying our first home largely because of them. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

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- Taylor Lamb- Taylor Lamb
“Paige was wonderful to work with. She was thorough, knowledgeable and patient. I would highly recommend Paige to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.”

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- Jeremy & Lynn Greene- Jeremy & Lynn Greene
“Paige Martin is the best Realtor. She is highly experienced and very knowledgeable. She made our buying experience an enjoyable one, not only for us, but for our daughter, son-in-law and several of our friends. We have bought and sold many houses, and Paige has been the best realtor we have ever worked with. We highly recommend her.

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- Dr. Forrest Roth, MD- Dr. Forrest Roth, MD
“Paige is the best of the best when it comes to real estate! She has bought & sold many properties for us & we couldn't recommend her more highly!

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- Tina Spiller, Chevron- Tina Spiller, Chevron
“I really enjoyed working with Paige on the sale of my townhome. The HAR listing was perfect and went up quickly and the sale was closed within 30 days. I definitely recommend Paige for any real estate transaction.

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