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The Lakes at Country Place is a gated community located in Pearland City. Residential homes in this neighborhood offer a picturesque view of its lakefront setting.

Properties that are for sale in Lakes at Country Place are near retail and shopping areas. The community has access to retail shops along Sam Houston Tollway Road.

To get personal advice on buying or selling in the Lakes at Country Place area, contact Paige Martin, one of Houston’s best realtors and one of the top-ranked Realtors in the United States.

“Paige, Laura and I cannot thank you enough for connecting us with Shannon Poindexter. We are very grateful for the Houston Properties Team's expertise in the Tanglewood and Uptown area. Shannon found a one-of-a-kind historical property revered by design professionals for its architectural significance. The home is designed with simple exteriors of brick and wrought iron, around interiors with two open air courtyards and wrap around floor to ceiling windows characteristic of Mid-Century modern architecture. The home has been featured several times over the years in Houston for its notable architects and residents. Shannon invested a significant amount of her time researching and advising us on the correct market price for this unique 1960’s era townhome that requires significant reconditioning due to its age. Shannon was instrumental in helping us negotiate a purchase price that not only accommodated over $80K in needed improvements but still provided another $50K in price concessions below the listing price to ensure we did not overpay. Shannon was careful to strike a balance for our current needs and to advise us on what we can realistically expect to invest for additional improvements that we would like to add to the home. Shannon prepares for the day when we will call her to list the property. We would have overpaid for this wonderful home if not for Shannon and her outstanding counsel, guidance, and specialized expertise!"” - Jay Cofield (Google Review)

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3001 Bissonnet Street

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