How Much Salary Do You Need To Buy A Home In Houston's Top Neighborhoods

Find the best places to live in Houston for your budget.

How Much Salary Do You Need To Buy A Home In Houston's Top Neighborhoods

Forbes, Money Magazine, and the US Census Bureau, all list Houston as one of the most affordable cities in the country (1).

The cost of living in Houston ranks second lowest among the top 20 most populous US metros. Based on the cost of living data, it's 36% cheaper to live here than in the 20 biggest cities in the country (2).

We analyzed median home prices & estimated salary requirements for the 52 best neighborhoods in the Houston area to help you decide where you can best afford to live.

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Houston's Best Neighborhoods

Table of Contents

  1. Houston Home Salary Requirements Highlights & Data
  2. Annual Salary & Houston Neighborhoods Matrix
  3. Under $80,000: Where can I Afford to Live in Houston?
  4. $80,000 to $150,000: Best Neighborhoods
  5. $150,000 to $250,000: Cost of Luxury Homes
  6. Over $250,000: Most Expensive Areas
  7. Sources, Methodology & Disclosures
  8. The Best Houston Realtor to Sell Your Home

Houston Home Salary Requirements Highlights & Data

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2022 Highlights

As always, real estate is hyper-local. See how your neighborhood and the home affordability are doing.

Data Summary

Annual Salary & Houston Neighborhoods Matrix

Annual Salary & Houston Neighborhoods Matrix

If you’d like to see any specific single-family homes, please contact Paige Martin at

Salary Range Central Houston Suburbs
Under $80k Briarmeadow/Tanglewilde, Charnwood/Briarbend, Five Corners, Medical Center South, Northside, Oak Forest West, Sharpstown Area, Winrock 1960/Cypress Creek South, Alief, Bacliff/San Leon, Conroe Northeast, Hobby Area, Humble Area East, Katy Southeast, Kingwood West, Northeast Houston, Pasadena
$80k-$150k Brays Oaks, Downtown Houston, East End Revitalized, Galleria, Medical Center Area, Meyerland Area, Midtown Houston, Oak Forest East, Shepherd Park Plaza Area, Spring Branch Clear Lake Area, Cypress North, Friendswood, Fulshear/South Brookshire, Katy North, League City, Missouri City Area, Pearland, Sienna Area, Sugar Land East
$150k-$250k Briargrove Park/Walnutbend, Cottage Grove, Garden Oaks, Greenway Plaza, Heights/Greater Heights, Knollwood/Woodside, Montrose, Rice Military/Washington Corridor, Timbergrove/Lazybrook, Washington East/Sabine
$250k+ Bellaire Area, Highland Village / Midlane, Memorial Close In, Memorial Park, Memorial Villages, Rice / Museum District, River Oaks Area, River Oaks Shopping Area, Tanglewood Area, West University/Southside Area

Note: We're only displaying the first ten neighborhoods per section here. For the full list, please refer to the tables under each respective salary range below.

Under $80,000: Where can I Afford to Live in Houston?

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Area Median Home Price Salary Required* 10 Year %
Stafford Area $260,000 $80,000 40%
Conroe Northeast $265,495 $79,000 58%
Kingwood West $250,000 $78,000 47%
Humble Area East $245,000 $78,000 44%
1960/Cypress Creek South $245,000 $78,000 55%
Alief $250,000 $77,000 39%
Bacliff/San Leon $249,450 $76,000 N/A
Katy Southeast $241,250 $75,000 15%
Pasadena $239,500 $75,000 26%
Five Corners $245,000 $75,000 40%
Medical Center South $243,000 $75,000 47%
Northside $236,000 $74,000 17%
Charnwood/Briarbend $195,750 $73,000 -26%
La Marque $230,000 $73,000 50%
Northeast Houston $237,062 $73,000 58%
Aldine Area $230,000 $73,000 44%
Willis/New Waverly $245,500 $71,000 12%
Hempstead $214,500 $68,000 -22%
South Houston $211,000 $65,000 24%
Atascocita North $205,000 $64,000 14%
Hobby Area $204,000 $63,000 30%
Winrock $140,000 $62,000 -25%
Spring East $194,950 $62,000 23%
Humble Area West $169,550 $54,000 4%
Humble Area South $144,900 $47,000 -12%
Briarmeadow/Tanglewilde $120,000 $46,000 -46%
Sugar Land South $4,100 $5,000 -98%
Sharpstown Area $2,150 $4,000 -98%
Sugar Land North $3,500 $3,000 -98%
Bear Creek South $2,100 $2,000 -98%
Oak Forest West $2,900 $2,000 -98%
Willowbrook South $2,475 $2,000 -98%

Stafford Area

Area Median Home Price Salary Required* 10 Year %
Stafford Area $260,000 $80,000 40%

Stafford Area Map

Stafford is a 7-square-mile city about 18 miles southwest of Downtown Houston. It is bound by Houston (north), Sugar Land (west), and Missouri City (southeast). The city is popular for its business-friendliness and close-knit communities and features convenient travel, nearby employment centers, and outdoor spaces.

The neighborhood is famous for its:

Notably, Stafford is the “Island of Business Opportunity.”

Map of Stafford Area

Stafford Area Real Estate Trends

Humble Area East

Area Median Home Price Salary Required* 10 Year %
Humble Area East $245,000 $78,000 44%

Humble Area East Map

Humble is an independent city located just outside of Beltway 8. This city belongs to the list of Top Suburban Neighborhoods in Houston.

Humble is a go-to choice for the neighborhood because of its:

The city also offers numerous outdoor activity venues, such as Schott, Hirsch, and Timberwood Park. Jesse H. Jones Park and Nature Center is a popular destination in the area for nature-centric events.

Map of Humble Area East

Humble Area East Real Estate Trends


Area Median Home Price Salary Required* 10 Year %
Alief $250,000 $77,000 39%

Alief Map

Alief is a historic community in Southwest Houston. This community is 15 minutes away from business centers of Westchase and Sugar Land.

The neighborhood is popular thanks to its:

When considering Alief real estate, reviewing the floodplains is a must. Its proximity to the Addicks and Barker Reservoir could lead to flooding in some parts of the community.

Map of Alief

Alief Real Estate Trends

$80,000 to $150,000: Best Neighborhoods

Many of Houston’s most popular neighborhoods are also, historically, the best performers in real estate appreciation. Contact us for a custom list of homes in these areas.

Area Median Home Price Salary Required* 10 Year %
Atascocita South $258,500 $82,000 46%
Medical Center Area $215,000 $82,000 -20%
Southbelt / Ellington $262,500 $83,000 49%
Spring Northeast $259,000 $83,000 60%
Spring/Klein/Tomball $265,375 $84,000 47%
Dickinson $280,000 $86,000 45%
Huffman Area $279,990 $86,000 -8%
Crosby Area $270,000 $86,000 44%
Alvin South $271,680 $86,000 55%
Brays Oaks $286,187 $87,000 19%
Mission Bend Area $285,560 $88,000 70%
Fort Bend South / Richmond $275,550 $89,000 40%
Northwest Houston $289,900 $89,000 64%
Conroe Southeast $281,000 $90,000 36%
Brookshire $284,900 $90,000 17%
Waller $311,000 $91,000 15%
La Porte/Shoreacres $289,000 $91,000 57%
1960/Cypress Creek North $305,000 $93,000 74%
Hockley $270,000 $93,000 20%
Kingwood South $304,000 $94,000 52%
Katy North $300,000 $94,000 71%
1960/Cypress $311,000 $95,000 72%
Santa Fe $315,000 $95,000 53%
Missouri City Area $305,995 $97,000 40%
Magnolia/1488 West $295,000 $97,000 11%
Porter / New Caney East $286,500 $98,000 17%
Eldridge North $325,000 $100,000 18%
Tomball South/Lakewood $316,000 $101,000 44%
Conroe Southwest $320,000 $101,000 30%
Champions Area $332,500 $102,000 41%
Tomball Southwest $327,980 $102,000 64%
Spring/Klein $325,000 $102,000 42%
Magnolia/1488 East $350,000 $102,000 36%
Copperfield Area $331,750 $103,000 68%
Lake Conroe Area $338,685 $103,000 30%
Porter / New Caney West $309,990 $104,000 22%
Clear Lake Area $341,700 $105,000 58%
Katy Old Towne $310,000 $107,000 39%
Jersey Village $342,750 $108,000 56%
University Area $359,950 $109,000 38%
Denver Harbor $352,375 $110,000 49%
Galleria $303,000 $112,000 -8%
Willow Meadows Area $372,500 $113,000 26%
Kingwood NW/Oakhurst $355,000 $114,000 42%
Pearland $362,675 $115,000 60%
Kingwood East $375,000 $117,000 33%
Riverside $400,000 $120,000 14%
Summerwood / Lakeshore $355,625 $121,000 34%
East End Revitalized $351,750 $121,000 26%
Friendswood $410,000 $122,000 49%
Sugar Land East $410,000 $122,000 42%
Tomball $391,000 $125,000 64%
Energy Corridor $411,775 $126,000 27%
Fort Bend Country North / Richmond $395,000 $126,000 65%
Sienna Area $384,990 $129,000 13%
Alvin North $372,990 $129,000 69%
Fulshear/South Brookshire $400,000 $134,000 -1%
Shepherd Park Plaza Area $446,950 $134,000 11%
Cypress North $409,995 $135,000 61%
Spring Branch $442,965 $138,000 52%
Sugar Land West $449,999 $140,000 45%
Midtown Houston $369,500 $140,000 15%
Meyerland Area $465,000 $141,000 10%
Downtown Houston $337,500 $142,000 30%
League City $449,995 $144,000 64%
Oak Forest East $479,900 $144,000 45%
Cypress South $423,204 $145,000 51%
Katy Southwest $460,125 $150,000 37%

Atascocita South

Area Median Home Price Salary Required* 10 Year %
Atascocita South $258,500 $82,000 46%

Atascocita South Map

Atascocita South is one of the 15 subdivisions in the lakeside community of Atascocita CDP. This neighborhood sits east of Humble, one of the Best Houston Suburbs.

Atascocita South features:

Atascocita South is among the most liveable neighborhoods in Houston. Primarily because of its convenient location and accessibility to nearby lifestyle and entertainment establishments.

Map of Atascocita South

Atascocita South Real Estate Trends

Medical Center Area

Area Median Home Price Salary Required* 10 Year %
Medical Center Area $215,000 $82,000 -20%

Medical Center Area Map

The Medical Center area is known for its world-class health facilities. Due to this, the demand for homes in the area is increasing over time.

The Texas Medical Center features:

The Texas Medical Center was founded in the mid-1940s. Over time, new construction townhomes emerged in the area to replace the old ones. Recent developments have also resulted in good appreciation rates over the last decade.

Map of Medical Center Area

Medical Center Area Real Estate Trends

Southbelt / Ellington

Area Median Home Price Salary Required* 10 Year %
Southbelt / Ellington $262,500 $83,000 49%

Southbelt / Ellington Map

Southbelt / Ellington is a historic neighborhood near Downtown Houston. It is also near various business and entertainment centers.

Southbelt / Ellington is popular due to its:

Southbelt / Ellington is also home to many parks and trails. Southbelt Hike & Bike Trail and Clear Brook City Park are some of its notable parks.

Map of Southbelt / Ellington

Southbelt / Ellington Real Estate Trends

$150,000 to $250,000: Cost of Luxury Homes

Buying or selling a home within the best neighborhoods in Houston can be very tricky. With over $1B real estate sales, the Houston Properties Team is the #1 Boutique Real Estate Team in Houston. Contact us for a custom Houston cost of living calculator, and we can review your options.

Area Median Home Price Salary Required* 10 Year %
Cottage Grove $495,000 $156,000 26%
Knollwood/Woodside $505,000 $160,000 15%
Fort Bend Southeast $495,500 $163,000 56%
The Woodlands $550,000 $165,000 52%
Washington East/Sabine $547,500 $166,000 33%
Greenway Plaza $416,500 $168,000 -20%
Rice Military/Washington Corridor $555,000 $171,000 19%
Briargrove Park/Walnutbend $577,500 $176,000 51%
Timbergrove/Lazybrook $575,000 $177,000 42%
Memorial West $580,000 $184,000 9%
Rosharon $628,500 $184,000 N/A
Heights/Greater Heights $685,000 $209,000 53%
Garden Oaks $707,750 $212,000 77%
Westchase Area $706,500 $226,000 0%
Briar Hollow $571,000 $230,000 1%
Montrose $754,999 $230,000 24%
Tiki Island $802,500 $244,000 104%

Cottage Grove

Area Median Home Price Salary Required* 10 Year %
Cottage Grove $495,000 $156,000 26%

Cottage Grove Map

Located just south of The Heights, Cottage Grove is one of the Best Houston Neighborhoods in Land Value Appreciation. This neighborhood offers exclusive gated communities, top schools, and multiple outdoor activity hubs.

Cottage Grove is popular thanks to its:

Residents have plenty of restaurants, bars, cafes, lounges, and retail centers nearby. Cottage Grove is located near the Heights and Rice Military, both of which offer great entertainment options.

Map of Cottage Grove

Cottage Grove Real Estate Trends


Area Median Home Price Salary Required* 10 Year %
Knollwood/Woodside $505,000 $160,000 15%

Knollwood/Woodside Map

Knollwood / Woodside is a residential area split into 11 deed-restricted sections. The neighborhood is of its tree-lined streets and homes with manicured lawns.

Knollwood / Woodside is popular due to its:

Homes in Knollwood / Woodside have traditional and ranch-style designs. They also come in big lot sizes, ranging from 6,000 to 10,000 square feet.

Map of Knollwood/Woodside

Knollwood/Woodside Real Estate Trends

Fort Bend Southeast

Area Median Home Price Salary Required* 10 Year %
Fort Bend Southeast $495,500 $163,000 56%

Fort Bend Southeast Map

Fort Bend Southeast is within the well-known Fort Bend County. It features nearby several luxurious neighborhoods and master-planned communities. This includes the cities of Sugar Land, Missouri, and Richmond.

Fort Bend Southeast community is famous for its:

Fort Bend Southeast has several retail and entertainment hubs. Residents can enjoy excellent dining and shopping options at Greatwood and Sienna Plantation.

Map of Fort Bend Southeast

Fort Bend Southeast Real Estate Trends

Over $250,000: Most Expensive Areas

Whether you buy or sell first depends on the current market and your unique situation. Both options come with an element of risk. Our experience taught us to make the proper assessment out of the overall scenario every homeowner is in. Contact us to help you make the most viable decision.

Area Median Home Price Salary Required* 10 Year %
River Oaks Shopping Area $872,500 $264,000 19%
Briargrove $870,000 $265,000 11%
Royden Oaks/Afton Oaks $878,000 $266,000 11%
Bellaire Area $1,065,000 $321,000 14%
Rice / Museum District $1,100,000 $331,000 45%
Highland Village / Midlane $1,150,000 $343,000 60%
Braeswood Place $1,325,000 $393,000 76%
Upper Kirby $1,507,500 $452,000 81%
West University/Southside Area $1,650,000 $484,000 43%
Memorial Villages $1,801,000 $532,000 16%
Memorial Park $1,790,000 $541,000 40%
Memorial Close In $1,962,500 $610,000 -10%
Tanglewood Area $2,065,000 $624,000 18%
River Oaks Area $2,698,000 $817,000 42%

River Oaks Shopping Area

Area Median Home Price Salary Required* 10 Year %
River Oaks Shopping Area $872,500 $264,000 19%

River Oaks Shopping Area Map

River Oaks Shopping Area is nestled between the luxurious neighborhood of River Oaks and the vibrant community of Montrose. Rice Military borders the north side, while Upper Kirby is on the southwest of the neighborhood.

The district is highly in-demand thanks to its:

River Oaks Shopping Area stands nearby major thoroughfares, including Katy Freeway (I-10), Loop 610, and Southwest Freeway (US 59).

Map of River Oaks Shopping Area

River Oaks Shopping Area Real Estate Trends


Area Median Home Price Salary Required* 10 Year %
Briargrove $870,000 $265,000 11%

Briargrove Map

Briargrove is a deed-restricted community located about 12 miles from Downtown Houston. It is a tight-knit neighborhood known for its mid-to-large-sized lots.

Briargrove is famous due to its:

Briargrove is known for its ranch-style homes on large wooded lots. Briargrove has around 900 homes. Like nearby Memorial area communities, Briargrove features updated/remodeled houses. Newly constructed custom-built homes are available as well.

Map of Briargrove

Briargrove Real Estate Trends

Royden Oaks/Afton Oaks

Area Median Home Price Salary Required* 10 Year %
Royden Oaks/Afton Oaks $878,000 $266,000 11%

Royden Oaks/Afton Oaks Map

The Royden/Afton Oaks area comprises two upscale deed-restricted communities nestled east of Loop 610 and north of Southwest Freeway. The Royden Oaks area, in particular, is right next to the River Oaks neighborhood.

The Royden/Afton Oaks neighborhoods are known for their:

The Royden/Afton Oaks area has approximately 700 homes. These neighborhoods are largely residential, featuring single-family homes with generous lot sizes between 8,000 to 10,000 square feet.

Map of Royden Oaks/Afton Oaks

Royden Oaks/Afton Oaks Real Estate Trends

Sources, Methodology & Disclosures

Sources, Methodology & Disclosures

With all the available information out there about Houston's top areas, it can be confusing when finally making a decision on which neighborhood to choose. Get the advice of the best Houston Realtors and remove the guesswork when looking for one of the best homes in Houston to live in.

The Best Houston Realtor to Sell Your Home

The Best Houston Realtor to Sell Your Home

The Houston Properties Team has a well-defined structure based on the individual strengths of each member. Each member is a specialist in their role – which is why our homes sell faster and for more money than average.

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Houston Properties Team awards

Recent awards include:

. . . in addition to over 318 additional awards.

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Benefits Of Working With The Houston Properties Team

best realtors in Houston

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