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Known locally as the “City of Homes”, Bellaire TX is a Houston neighborhood of mostly 3-bedroom single-family homes priced between $300,000 to $900,000. The name “Bellaire” originated from “good air” or “good breeze”, attributed to the neighborhoods small-town, family-friendly community.

Bellaire TX Homes For Sale
Bellaire TX Neighborhood Information

Bellaire’s close proximity to the Galleria, the Medical Center and downtown Houston combined with award-winning public schools, libraries and quality city services make this an incredibly popular neighborhood.

Bellaire was established in 1911.  It is a small, incorporated city in the heart of the Houston metropolitan service area. Bellaire features a wide range of home styles from small two-bedroom bungalows priced under $100,000 to estate-style homes selling for over one million dollars.  The region is affectionately referred to as the “City of Homes.”  Visitors driving through the area will quickly recognize it as separate from its immediate neighbors by its red street signs, with its own police, recreation, and fire departments.

In 1909, W. W. Baldwin bought 9,700 acres of the De Moss Ranch and the original town site was part of that purchase. At that time, it was named “Westmoreland Farms,” and it was home to many grazing cows. In 1911, Bellaire was registered and, in June 1918, incorporated as a city. By 1919, Bellaire had grown to 25 homes, a growth which continued, and by 1939, Bellaire had 330 residences. During that year, Bellaire adopted its first zoning ordinances and, after World War II, the housing boom exploded. By 1960, there were over 6,000 homes in Bellaire.

During the 1980s, the need for “close in” housing escalated. Builders and developers began to focus on the small bungalow two bedroom, one bath homes that lined the large, treed Bellaire streets. The bungalow is being replaced by beautiful two and three story new construction homes that reflect various architectural styles. Strong zoning requirements enhance and protect the residential and neighborhood qualities of Bellaire life. Today, Bellaire offers excellent schools including one of the nation’s top institutions, Bellaire High School, lush parks, a variety of recreational opportunities, excellent libraries as well as immediate access to the 610 Loop just a short distance from the world renowned Texas Medical Center, The Galleria, various business districts and a wide assortment of cultural events. Houston’s Loop 610, adjacent to Bellaire, provides immediate access to the city’s freeway system.

Bellaire, TX offers housing to suite a variety of needs. Older homes start at $175,000 and go up to several million dollars depending on size of the lot and the location. Lot sizes also vary greatly and are a key factor in determining price. Recent construction and new construction may range from the mid $400,000s to well over a million dollars. Estate style homes are scattered throughout the city.

Bellaire continues to be a highly sought-after neighborhood by newcomers to Houston. This truly outstanding community harmoniously blends small town living with big city amenities. Newcomers and native Houstonians alike appreciate the amenities of this delightful city within a city.

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  Bellaire TX Homes For Sale

Bellaire TX Neighborhood Information

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