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Broadly encompassing Tanglewood, Broad Oaks, and Post Oak, the Galleria / Uptown Park is an energetic and lively section of Houston.

This area features the Galleria Mall (one of the largest in the world), premier luxury highrise buildings Houston Montebello, Villa D’Este, and Four Leaf Towers, in addition to a wide variety of commercial and retail establishments.

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Located in western Houston, Texas is one of the biggest malls and shopping centers in the country: the Galleria.

The mall and overall urban development was first established in 1970.

Since then, it has been continuously expanded to include more shops, more floor space, and higher class services.

In 2002, the mall was acquired by Simon Property Group, which has successfully built the mall up to its current state as one of the largest shopping centers in the United States.

Located nearby is Uptown Park, which is another shopping center that seeks to give consumers “a European-style shopping experience,” with upscale shops, bars, restaurants, jewelry stores, specialty retail outlets, spas, and salons.

Seeing that Galleria/Uptown Park, Houston, TX is packed with top-notch amenities, it would make for a wonderful home.

This article will cover some basic information about homes for sale Galleria Houston.

Houston real estate in and around Galleria/Uptown Park, Houston, TX

The Galleria and Uptown Park area in Houston has a lot to offer in terms of real estate.

First, the Galleria has two hotels to choose from, the Westin Galleria and the Westin Oaks Houston hotels, which offer fine accommodations.

Ever since the Galleria and Uptown Park developed into the commercial titans that they are today, the real estate around the area has generally gone up in value.

In fact, developers have jumped on the opportunity to turn the surrounding real estate into some of the most luxurious and affluent neighborhoods in all of Houston.

Just because the Galleria and Uptown Park area has become known for affluence, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find affordable housing here.

Because of the diverse real estate developments in the area, you can still find reasonably priced properties, including Houston condos for sale, Houston Townhomes, Houston single-family homes, multiple family homes, and luxury custom homes.

Some of the more affordable properties are the town homes and condominiums, which typically cost around $1,500 or more per month or around $200,000 to $400,000 to own.

If you want a larger home, such as a multi-family property or a custom luxury home, you can find properties ranging in price from $1,000,000 and up.

One of the main attraction of living in this area of Houston is its amazing location.

Not only are you located near amazing urban shopping developments with world-class amenities, but these developments are also home to a number of office buildings where you may be able to find employment.

Furthermore, the Galleria and Uptown Park area is just minutes away from downtown Houston, giving you access to big city amenities and job opportunities.

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